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Machinery manufacturing process and analysis of precision machining technology

by:Xavier      2020-05-26
Machinery manufacturing process and precision machining technology analysis of 1. Welding process of the resistance welding in mechanical manufacturing, non-standard resistance welding jig is mainly to bring together various components, using the power of positive and negative electrode pressure, the process of the joint part of the current and the surrounding area of heat resistance and heated to melt it or plastic state, with metal completely combined with again after welding. In recent years, the electrical appliances in our country and the rapid development of space technology, the resistance welding technology received extensive attention of the society from all walks of life. In addition, microelectronics technology and thermal expansion closed-loop control technology to a certain extent, create the necessary condition for the future development of resistance welding, so as to achieve the aim of expanding areas of resistance welding technology. 2. The stud welding in the welding process of welding stud welding is mainly the components and stud after heating to a specified temperature, between components and stud can produce a large number of arc, stud in under the action of external force into welding molten pool, eventually forming welded joint. In our country, the constant improvement of the economic level and rapid development in the field of manufacturing industry, the welding process of stud welding technology begins to be used by companies from all walks of life, and is widely used in the field of automobile manufacturing process. 3. Welding process of gas shielded welding as a gas shielded arc welding is the gas arc medium, the CNC jig and arc arc welding and welding interface is the gas shielded welding. Gas shielded welding welding technology has good visibility, easy to operate, easy to realize automation, etc. At present, gas shielded arc welding is widely applied to petrochemical industry, electric power protection and other fields. In recent years, with the development of science and technology and machinery raw materials in China, more driven by gas shielded welding rapid development of the new technology. 4. Welding process of submerged arc welding of submerged arc welding is mainly in the process of burning arc welding by flux layer and an operation method. This method of welding technology has many advantages, such as arc, high quality, good stability and so on. Submerged arc welding is mainly used in boiler, large pipe welding technology, for many in the mechanical manufacturing industry has a great role in promoting the development of large equipment. 5. Welding technology of the friction stir welding friction stir welding is mainly friction between end face of mechanical components, CNC jig to generate heat, make mechanical components that can reach the end of melt or plastic state, and then promptly upset forging welding method of an operation. At present, the technology of the friction stir welding with high productivity and planning in the future development vision, so this kind of welding technology has great market space, it is widely applied to the field of railway, aircraft manufacturing, etc.
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