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Machine tool selection and matching of casting materials

by:Xavier      2020-07-16
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we introduce you to the machine tool castings solidification feature of liquid metal, the today by our to introduce the material selection of machine tool castings and matching:

the material of machine tool castings for the exquisite quality of grey cast iron, steel smelting ratio of 45%, in order to improve the rigidity of machine tool castings; Also have customers ask for nodular cast iron, nodular cast iron rigidity is better than that of gray cast iron, but the shock absorption effect of grey cast iron there is a big gap compared, and the casting cost is much better than the gray cast iron; So ductile cast iron is not suitable for machine tools, the main components is suitable for making machine table using casting.

choose machine tool castings of gray cast iron do advantage:

1, grey iron casting machine casting cost is low, gray cast iron has good casting performance, easy to cast out all kinds of complicated structure form;

2, cast iron material has good shock absorption performance, more conducive to avoid shaking when machine is running, lower noise.

3, although compared with steel cast iron with low tensile strength, compressive strength and steel close, most of the machine tool bed request is not high, the tensile strength can meet the performance requirements;

4, grey iron casting material of machine tool bed casting has good lubrication performance, because the grey iron atom structure of microporous can accommodate more lubricating oil, and at the same time containing carbon have self lubricating effect.

5 than steel, cast iron has better corrosion resistance, easy to maintain the accuracy of machine tool guideway. Machine tool lathe bed casting has good dimensional stability, should not be used for machine tool lathe bed deformation, is advantageous to the long-term accuracy of machine tools.

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