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Machine tool lathe bed casting pouring process

by:Xavier      2020-07-16

machine tool lathe bed casting pouring process is very exquisite, especially for temperature is particularly fastidious, so what's the main point is how to operating personnel should pay attention to? By our below to introduce the machine tool bed casting pouring process:

in production, which should be followed when pouring temperature, the principle of low temperature pouring. Because the liquid metal melt temperature is advantageous to the complete fusion, slag inclusion floating, convenience of slag removal and degassing, reducing slag inclusion and porosity defects of machine tool castings; Using low pouring temperature, is beneficial to reduce the gas solubility in the liquid metal, liquid, shrinkage and high temperature liquid metal baking of cavity surface, avoid adhering sand, the appearance of porosity and shrinkage cavity defects. Therefore, on the premise of guarantee full of mould cavity, USES the low pouring temperature as much as possible.

the metal from the operation of the ladle injection mold process is referred to as casting. Pouring improper operation may cause the misrun and cold shut, machine casting defects such as porosity, shrinkage cavity and slag, and cause personal injury.

in order to ensure the machine tool casting quality, increase productivity and achieve safety in production, pouring should strictly abide by the following main point:

( 1) Ladle pretreatment furnace, casting tools and inoculant, nodulizing agent before use must be fully dry, dry before use.

( 2) Pouring personnel must wear good clothes, according to the requirement and wear protective glasses, work place should be unimpeded. The metal liquid inside the ladle shoulds not be too full, so as to avoid overflow hurt when transporting and pouring.

( 3) Correct selection of casting speed, that is, should be at the beginning of a slow pouring, facilitate alignment gate, reduce molten metal on the impact of the sand mould and conducive to gas discharge; Then rapid casting, in order to prevent the cold insulation; Casting full before and then slowly pouring, that is, follow the principle of slow, fast and slow.

( 4) For liquid and solidification contraction larger machine tool castings, such as medium and large steel casting, casting should be timely after from gate or mouth watering.

( 5) Casting should be timely to light gas from gas in the mould, lest produce blowhole, due to mould your breath and harm human health due to the incomplete combustion of the gas and pollute the air.

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