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Machine tool castings solidification features of liquid metal

by:Xavier      2020-07-16

we have three kinds: familiar with the process of lost foam casting, sand casting, metal mold casting, the metal mold casting cooling speed is the fastest, the cooling curve up and down not appear eutectic platform, the microstructure of graphite greatly reduced, extending machine tool castings radial generated a large number of small primary and secondary carbides, its hardness and impact toughness is superior to other two kinds of casting method.

the result of the lost foam casting and sand casting close to, only slight difference. Before the eutectic reaction, the cooling curve almost overlap, but from the eutectic reaction began to increase the differences. Compared with sand mold casting, lost foam casting eutectic reaction time relatively longer, eutectic reaction after cooling speed is relatively slow, so the die-lost casting eutectic matrix was bulky, the decrease in the number of carbide, graphite quantity increased, the corresponding hardness and impact toughness drops.

lost foam casting machine casting solidification characteristics:

1, mold cooling machine tool castings solidification speed slow, slower than the ordinary sand casting.

2, under negative pressure, the epc casting, cast steel, cast iron will not appear up body, casting the feeding ability, greatly reduce the occurrence of the casting shrinkage tendency.

3, lost foam casting machine casting slow cooling rate, casting mold resistance small, less than the clay sand mold casting, so cast forming stress is small, warm tend to be small.

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