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Machine tool castings defects repair

by:Xavier      2020-07-16

machine tool castings defect fix: based on several kinds of traditional welding repair technology in machine tool castings defect repair as a result, the reasons for the analysis of machine tool castings repair results. Through to the casting defect repair machine repair results of research in machine tool castings, determine a really feasible on the machine tool castings to repair the new technology and process.

using the casting defect repair machine for casting defect repair, casting in the repair process, temperature, deformation, crack or dense point of weld metal, does not produce hard points, no annealing phenomenon, can undertake any mechanical processing. Fill material chooses not to the restriction of the material, through the choice of different material to fill material, can achieve weld point performance, color, and the unity on the matrix.

fill material combined with matrix for metallurgy, high bonding strength, won't produce off weld quality accord with the standard of quality inspection of the casting products, is a kind of new technology is worth popularizing widely.

but the casting defect repair machine weld repairs in the range of Φ 1. 5 - Φ1。 2 mm weld points repeatedly melting process of accumulation, in the process of large area of defect repair, repair efficiency is the only factors restrict its wide application. For machine tool castings defect, recommend traditional welding repair technology and casting defect repair machine composite applications.

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