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Large quantities of CNC _cnc processing factory

by:Xavier      2020-03-26
Large quantities of CNC processing factory in the first place, to tell you about is shenzhen Xavier precision machinery co. , LTD. , Xavier precision machinery co. , LTD. , founded in 2015, but you don't think Xavier precision set up time is short, shenzhen Xavier precision machinery co. , LTD. , formerly known as hon hai hardware factory, original original horse in precision parts processing, CNC CNC processing industry has been operating for more than ten years, related technology and case is rich, have the ability and the technology for processing complex and precision machining of precision parts. Precision parts processing, CNC processing workshop team 1, our team has senior technicians 20 people, CNC, CNC operating machine operating machine technicians 15 people, CNC CNC programming drawing engineer 3 people, quality department, grinding milling machine 5, 5 people 1 warehouse warehouse. CNC machining center is 25, but you don't have to worry about CNC machining center machines, vice factory, our factory there are large quantities of precision CNC machining parts is completely can meet. Our business office civilian teams are: 1 foreign trade English, Japanese foreign trade and domestic business is 2 people, mechanical process engineer 3 people, 2 people financial quotation. Web site maintenance team: 2, network site technical support team has: 1 SEO optimization technique support, the company's website maintenance and the importance of networks in today's age of the Internet is particularly important, there is no network technology team a factory, an entity of the firm's new customer resources will dry up, slowly for a long term business entities are deadly precision CNC processing factory, the company spent a month on the network technical support maintenance costs as high as 3 to 50000, but the effect is obvious, in order to more customers know our factory and understand our Xavier precision machinery co. , LTD. , our factory think it is worth it, for there is demand of customers with high quality service and high quality precision parts processing, with quality and precision guarantee is our factory in the web site that a need to go into. 3, precision parts processing and sense of responsibility to the customer demand is not responsible for individual factory now, processing parts can not meet the customer's demand, not power, boast, wasted time, at the same time also disrupted clients parts assembly plan. So, our meeting discussion must be responsible for the customer, the pursuit of interests, are not responsible for the customer product of 'dirty' factory to abort, also the customer a piece of pure land. Our factory is also highly effective, to start, after two or three months of SEO optimization of the technical team keywords ranking, our factory also some obvious results have been achieved in this respect. Our tenet is that for the customer is responsible for, make conscience, high precision, high quality, zero error of CNC processing plants. 4, large quantities of CNC machining, and ensure the quality, integrity management, our factory can do here introduces the strength of our factory and company culture, still want to say here, about to figure processing or processing can be, large quantities of CNC precision parts processing, our factory can satisfy you. Ensure the quality, integrity, responsible, earnest, is to do enterprise long-term development must need. You have the demand volume CNC parts processing consultation discussion, can be in the site navigation bar 'contact us' WeChat scan business manager WeChat, detailed consultation!
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