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Large precision machining technology of forged steel backup roll

by:Xavier      2020-05-25
Large forged steel backup roll of a precision machining process, milk machine backup roll core hole of main working procedure of the key analysis practice. A benchmark hole, the center hole, through the central hole effectively determine to ensure that the installation of roller reed nebula-rich complex degree, and to give full play to its function to get. Quality, and the rat problem, this kind of condition, often will affect the performance of the backup roll. Therefore, in the process of machining need to be done on the basis of the perspective of production after resistance to reasonable control. In addition, at the beginning of the actual production operation, the center hole is bound to wear under the action of other components, in the case of continuous operation, heart hole wear range will gradually expand, in this case, will certainly bring - for production operation Fixed error, Dian eventually lead to the decrease of the quality of the product. Waveform test fixture for such problems, to guarantee the quality of milk actinide production is not affected, requires 茌 within a specific time of the backup roll center hole in the practice. Need to pay special attention to the center hole in after complete the practice and the dimension of the contact area between to reach more than 80%, therefore, we need to repair, after extensive contact area of the actual test, ensure that contact area to meet the standard requirements. , this is even more highlighted the center hole thin stalks the importance of practice. Second, the backup roll cutting. Backup roll of turning operation, to the requirement of accuracy have great homemade test fixture only guarantee processing brix can play its using performance. Specific cell cutting process according to the degree of refinement can be divided into coarse prison, prison and do three and a half fine processing stage. The coarse car refers to according to the design of the backup roll size, will be too - the extra parts In addition, at the same time, it is necessary to control the removal, lay a foundation for subsequent processing operations; Half berkelium firm refers to according to the structure of the backup roll shape to roughly trim. Machining parts size and shape as close as possible to design drawings; After Chen 'on the basis of the design requirements of backup roll for detailed processing, which cant radian of backup roll and chamfering is the key of the processing, the only guarantee the radian and the Angle of chamfer satisfy the design requirements, stick can ensure that the defect of subsequent installation quality, ensure that the use of the supporting rod performance. The backup roll structure of arc and chamfering Ya, waveform test fixture is to undertake Dian focus position of the gravity, therefore, to put forward higher requirements. Besides, chamfering and arc berkelium degree also has a direct impact on quality of installation, only guarantee the highly Bei really, to ensure the sealing performance of the structure, ensure that oil will not leak or sundry, of bearing operation quality has a direct impact. Usually processing enterprises in order to ensure the accuracy of the circular arc and chamfering sugar, as will adopt CNC Ya carry on the processing. To ensure the accuracy of component processing.
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