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Large gantry milling what are the advantages?

by:Xavier      2020-09-24
Large CNC milling machine processing is to use a door frame and long horizontal lathe bed of milling machine for large workpiece plane, inclined plane, space curved surface and some special mechanical parts processing of a kind of processing technology, gantry milling machining can be at the same time the milling cutter with multiple machining process on the surface of the workpiece, the processing precision and efficiency are high. The classification of large CNC gantry milling? Large CNC gantry milling generally can be divided into three categories: the workbench mobile, longmen mobile, beam mobile ( Also called bridge) 。 Large CNC gantry milling technology advantage? 1. Have very good carrying capacity; 2. Guide rail wear and tear 'small, high accuracy stable machine tool; 3. Movement speed and acceleration stability; 4. High performance servo motor; 5. High machining precision.
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