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Introduce precision machining process and steps

by:Xavier      2020-07-11
Today want to and you a simple introduction of precision machinery processing craft and steps, the administrator myself, of course, is not very understand the situation here, so I know to the company's technical staff. Technical staff told us precision machining process generally according to the machining process planning formulation, generally can be divided into two steps. First is to formulate precision parts processing craft route, namely first analysis need machining parts and components, no material object can analysis parts drawings. Then according to the analysis and drawn up by the report used to determine the size of every working procedure of process, equipment and process equipment, and cutting specifications, man-hour quota, etc. Formulating process route is to develop the technological process of the overall layout, a good parts processing, the main task is to select the surface machining method, to determine the various surface processing order, and the entire process zhonggong ordinal what purpose, etc. Is critical in this step, you only have to put all the preparation work well to to, the following things just right. The general principles of the proposed process routes ( This step is generally by the design engineer to do) 1. First machining datum. Parts in the process of machining, the surface should be machined out first as positioning reference, according to the drawings or before analysis of parameters, such as the general form of parts processing. As soon as possible in order to provide fine benchmark for the machining of the subsequent handling. Known as the 'benchmark'. 2. Processing stages. The surface of the high quality demand of precision parts processing, are divided into processing stage, so is very important and complicated. Generally can be divided into roughing and semi-finishing and finishing three stages. Mainly in order to ensure the quality of processing; Is conducive to the rational use of equipment; Easy to arrange heat treatment process; And facilitate the blank defects, etc. 3. After surface hole first. For case, shaft and connecting rod parts should be flat after machining holes. So you can by plane positioning hole processing, ensure the accuracy of the plane and hole location, and the porosity of the plane processing bring convenience. Because processing plane to relatively simple some, hole is more complex, the short answer first thing to do, to do complex, it is quite reasonable. 4. Finishing machining. After finishing machining of workpiece. This is the last step, is also very important. The main processing of light on the surface of the whole c ( Such as research, honing processing, fine grinding machining rolling processing, etc. ) , and process route could be generated and should be put in the final stages, the processed surface finish to meet customer requirements, it is important to ensure that the processing of precision parts, was laid to strive to take light put, because of a slight collision will damage the surface, in countries such as Japan, Germany, after finishing processing, with a flannelette, absolutely no direct contact with the workpiece by hand or other objects, in order to avoid surface finishing processing, due to the transportation and installation between the process and damage. Is, after all, precision parts and components, so the requirement of the parts is higher, there is a little on the surface of the wrong, can affect the use of parts. The general situation of arrangement for machining process. Of course, there are some special cases, some particular case according to the following principles to deal with. ( 1) In order to guarantee precision parts processing. Separate for roughing and finishing is best. Because when rough machining, cutting quantity is big, the workpiece by cutting force, clamping force, heat, and the machining surface has the obvious work hardening phenomenon, artifacts within the larger internal stress, if continuous, roughing and finish machining precision of parts after finishing will soon lost because of the stress redistribution. For some high machining accuracy requirements of parts. Before after rough machining and finish machining, also should be arranged or aging treatment of low temperature annealing process to eliminate internal stress. It is very important, conditional, as far as possible or to separate the finish machining and rough machining, want to know, you figure at that time the save trouble, could bring a most of the parts is unqualified, the loss is bigger, of course, this is according to the different situation to decide. ( 2) Reasonably choose precision parts processing equipment. Rough machining is mainly cut off most of the machining allowance, does not require high machining accuracy, so rough machining should be bigger in power and the high accuracy of machine tools on it. While finishing process requirements with relatively high precision machine tool processing. Rough and finish machining on the machine in different, can give full play to the equipment capacity, and can prolong the service life of precision machine tools. This company is doing very well, buy machine imported from Japan for precision machining. ( 3) In the machining process, often with heat treatment process. Location arrangement is as follows: heat treatment process to improve the machinability of metals, such as annealing, normalizing, tempering, general arrangement before machining. To eliminate internal stress, such as aging treatment, conditioning treatment, such as general arrangement, after rough machining, but before finishing. In order to improve the mechanical properties of the parts, such as carburizing, quenching and tempering, general arrangement after machining. Such as heat treatment after large deformation, but also should arrange the final machining process. Above is the administrator I record company mechanical processing technology and process. These are the company's technical personnel and I said, they are hard on the front line workers, so they know the each link, here to thank them for their efforts. This paper addresses: / shownews. asp吗? id = 70
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