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In the precision machining techniques and tips

by:Xavier      2020-05-15
In the precision machining techniques and tips in the process of production and processing machinery industry, although some details are small, but if we can get inspiration, can extrapolate, thinking to find a way to still are of great help to our work. Summary of a mechanical processing industry for you return an offer tips for your reference. Tip 1: the jaw vice will be taken away, the other two M4 threaded hole processing, will be two pieces and jaw level 1 thick. 2, 5 mm steel plate with aluminum countersunk rivet rivet on the thickness of 0. 8 mm hard brass plate 3 to use the M4 countersunk screw fastening to the jaw, 1 form durable soft jaw. It also can protect the metal parts are not bad, are interchangeable. Tip 2: use magnet absorb small parts ( Fee) Isn't very convenient for suction and draw, but under the magnets 1 suck a sizzling 2, not only can absorb a lot of small, and the iron plate, small immediately pour into the collection box automatically, enough to impress the heart, but very practical. Tip 3: pulley drive, pulley and slippage between wheel and axle, often on the shaft with ¢15 to 18 mm can draw a series of nest nest bit, generate adsorption force, to prevent the skid, waste, the boss will reward. Tip 4:1 when Allen key handle is short, don't focus on inner diameter can be slightly larger than the wrench pipe from a slot milling insert the wrench groove, but as a long handle. Tip 5: for tightening has a first positioning and clamping workpiece, but for a workpiece, the first clamping relocation, because when the clamping is sure to workpiece deformation, therefore, should be first clamping and positioning, for 6 point positioning, seek to limit its degrees of freedom. These tips and knocked at the door more than is found in the usual work staff, these tips, the surface does not represent what, but when you use too much, can including myself will bring many benefits to the company. Hope you later in the work to find these tips and tricks.
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