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In the precision machining of the slender shaft is analyzed

by:Xavier      2020-05-07
In the precision machining of the slender shaft is analysis of shaft parts are common in the precision machining, usually axis length to diameter ratio is greater than 20 ~ 25 called the slender shaft axis. General in the process of turning a slender shaft parts, because of their poor rigidity, under the effect of cutting force and cutting heat, the slender shaft is easy to generate bending deformation, affecting the precision of the workpiece, because it destroyed the accuracy of the cutting tool and parts of relative movement, after a slender shaft bending deformation at the same time, still can cause process system vibration, can influence the roughness of the parts. So in the precision machining of the slender shaft turning processing process characteristics of what? The poor rigidity, slender shaft turning fashion clip is undeserved, it is easy to occur due to cutting force and the gravity bending deformation, vibration, thus affect the machining accuracy and surface roughness. Thermal diffusion of slender shaft is poor performance, under the influence of cutting heat, will produce a considerable expansion. If the ends of the shaft is fixed bearing, artifacts will because of elongation and bending. Because of the shaft is longer, a feeding time is long, tool wear, which affects the geometry precision of parts. While the slender shaft for precision machining due to the use to rest, if the two supporting artifacts bearing block is not appropriate to pressure parts, will affect the machining accuracy. If pressure is too small or not contact, don't work, can't improve the stiffness of parts: if pressure is too large, the parts are pressed to the lathe tool, cutting depth increases, the diameter of the car is small, when to rest after moving, bearing block bearing in small diameter cylindrical, bearing block away from the workpiece and cutting force to get out of the way of components, cutting depth is reduced, the diameter of the car, after follow rest as to the large diameter round again, and the pressure to the cutting tool, workpiece made the car out of the smaller diameter, continuous change regularly, so will he long workpiece car into 'bamboo' form. Due to machine tool, cutting tool, workpiece process system rigidity bad for machining difficult, not easy to get the good surface roughness and geometry accuracy. Therefore in the process of precision machining, to analyse the reason of deformation of slender shaft, such as cutting force, thermal deformation and other reasons, you can select the right clamping methods: a clamp clamping methods, such as, using rest and rest, turning processing in the precision machining of slender shaft is one of the more common a way of processing. Can by adopting appropriate clamping way and advanced processing method, choose reasonable tool Angle and cutting dosage, are able to guarantee stable machining quality, customer's workpiece requirements. More precision machinery parts processing, please click on the link to see http://www. 瓦乌。 cn/products- 155088 - 0 - 0. html
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