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In precision parts processing industry overview and process of fitter

by:Xavier      2020-05-09
Locksmith technology in precision parts processing industry and Outlines the fitter is to use the tool to manually, to complete the repair of mechanical processing. Assembly is a type of work it USES along with the development of the cost of mechanical equipment and constantly expand the parts processing technology especially enclosed dense parts processing technology, technical requirements by constantly, this is not only a development opportunity, is also a challenge of emerging technology and the traditional process, this article lists the ways of the existing straw instruments, parts processing technology, fitter enclosed within the scope of the secret; Processing techniques, so that can fundamentally relieve fist-size pile of parts processing technology, the technology and equipment of meter and various Pei spear between the eyebrows, precision parts processing industry. Intelligent equipment in industrial production, the development of daily life, improve the level of mechanization of society, science and technology with strong qi blood and the comprehensive competitiveness of the country. Fitter is a clock on the work of the high technological requirements, detailed and complex 祌, mainly rely on manual operation for machining. Which are widely applicable, convenient operation, process and method of flexible and varied characteristics and become the indispensable, special mechanical equipment manufacturing, maintenance, alternative fixture processing work: the main scope includes filing, marking, cutting, drilling and pin, grinding, thread processing set of heave, ream, bending, scraping, jiao is, riveting of commonly used equipment and clock class mainly include vise, bench drill, fitter workbench, grinder, radial drilling machine, vertical drilling machine, etc. Method but I close the fitter to process the craft and technology more halfback, but because of its low production efficiency, large labor intensity, workers technical requirements higher factors restricting its development and promotion, however, the current measurement tool and machining dazzle test widely kam for fitter in manufacturing, especially in precision apparatus, parts manufacturing, and maintenance areas only emperor has brought new development opportunities. Bench in precision parts processing, is a kind of metal machinery manufacturing history of ink long processing technology is mainly divided into mechanical equipment. Components manufacturing and assembly two categories in the machining of precision parts, fitter by the process, though often appear uneven surface, mouth Qiang deformation, and the function of the assembly parts and size specification and factory somewhat gap, Shen slot askew, tracing the problem such as fracture, but using this process, can achieve machinery manufacture fixture processing can't reach cooperation degree and service life, combined with the existing measuring tool. Measure and method such as sine bar, from long long homework 捵, chess sets can be used cross polishing and lubrication, design the clamping, the introduction of new materials. To regard the processing technology of the offset, in the form of processes and techniques in order to mention parts Gua flute device apparent accuracy, reduce the cost of parts manufacturing d pheasant, culture and the use of time and then promote cell parts and related enclosed guhya for development, promote the progress of the society division Yu progress.
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