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If you lower the heat generated by the cutting tool and fatigue

by:Xavier      2020-07-05
In the practice of the precision machining, for precision machine tools, such as gyroscope precision equipment and instruments, we can through the traditional precision machining methods to achieve the desired accuracy. Specific, for non-ferrous metal materials, we can use precision milling or turning machining method to accomplish; For black metal materials, we can through and polishing, grinding, precision grinding process to accomplish tasks. Processing equipment is the platform to realize precision machining technology. In practice, we should consider the following factors: one is the machine tool can eventually by precision machining can achieve comprehensive precision; Second, machine processing of materials and structure design; 3 it is machine tool drive and servo system; Four is the installation of the machine tool and working conditions. These factors will directly result in precision machining progress goal, we must attach great importance to this. For each kind of machining tools provide uniform distribution of machining allowance ensures a constant and high productivity and safety of cutting process. When at constant axial cutting depth and the radial cutting depth, cutting speed and feed rate can also be a constant in a higher level. Such, the mechanical action of cutting tools and work load change is small, so less heat and fatigue, so as to improve the service life of cutter. If the back of the work procedure, are some semi-finishing all finishing processes, in particular, no one can be carried out on machining or part of a nobody. Modern industry already using computer digital control machine tool operation, the company has introduced Japanese advanced machine tool equipment, nc machine tools can be programmed in advance in accordance with the technical personnel program for machining automatically to any parts directly. This is what we say 'nc' and 'CNC machining', etc. Nc machining should be widely in the field of mechanical processing of each, but also the development trend of precision machining and necessary technical means. The development trend of modern CNC machine tools is high speed, precision, high reliability, multi-function, points out, intelligent, simplicity and open architecture. Precision machining process, including the use of reasonable processing center the programmability of the nc machining program, using the machining center operation humanized characteristic optimization of cutting parameters. And using the method of contrast and reasonable selection of tool geometry and using common high speed steel drill bit and vertical milling cutter machining high precision large aperture precision components processing craft route and measures. And verified by actual sample processing improvement tool, optimization of cutting parameters and processing method is practical. Parts is a kind of widely used, mainly used in automotive, communications, medical, clocks and watches, mobile phones, computers, and other industries, so the parts processing technology has a direct influence on the quality of metal products, which involves to machining of parts, especially the processing technology of the deep hole drilling, and deep hole drilling the processability of how to determine the application scope of spare parts. Address: / shownews. asp吗? id = 82
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