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Ict test fixture processing technology and processing precision

by:Xavier      2020-05-30
Ict test fixture machining process and machining accuracy, with the rapid development of modern mechanical parts processing requirements of higher accuracy, and also need to improve the machining process, when processing technology applications will be found at the scene. Various factors affect the machining precision of parts at the early stage of the process need analysis in the whole machining process variability factors, to refine and improve the processing technology. Solve some encountered in the process of emergencies, such as knife, positioning and speechless factors such as accuracy or the use of the jig, so as to further improve the machining precision of parts. Parts processing process test fixture factory machining process is according to the drawings of parts machining process, machining process is more than one, for a part, will appear a variety of processing technology, which requires processors after analyzing the advantages and disadvantages of each kind of processing technology integrated choose an appropriate processing technology. The reasonable processing technology can improve roughness of parts, precision and service life, is also the key to improve qualification rate of machining parts. Machining precision machining accuracy not only reflect the parts also reflect the geometry precision parts of poor form, try to install tool and fixture also have higher requirements compared with trapped paper parts after the parts processing, test fixture factory if there is an error, reflect the machining accuracy is precise, for tolerance, tolerance value is inversely proportional to the machining accuracy, the greater the tolerance machining accuracy of the smaller, the smaller the tolerance machining accuracy is higher in the process of real Chen Jiagong very hard processing size and drawing size consistent radiance, but as long as the processing of the actual size in seeks the permitted range, will think the qualified size, can ensure parts performance parameters to further put into real application.
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