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How to solve the problem of precision machinery parts processing cutting hard

by:Xavier      2020-05-24
How to solve the problem of precision machinery parts processing cutting hard with the development of modern machinery and electronics industry, the precision of the precision parts are also rising, at the same time, the material is in constant improvement. In these materials, there are a lot of hard processing material, so the hard processing material cutting machining precision parts, master the law of cutting, is a important subject in current machining technology. So what is the difficult processing materials? Is science, precision machinery parts processing, the worse performance of cutting materials. Can be described from five aspects, namely, the hardness, strength, elongation, impact value and the coefficient of thermal conductivity. One or more than indicators, are difficult to cut materials. In making the craft, also need to consider more. Difficult-to-machine material cutting process accords with the general principle and law of metal cutting, and also has its own distinctive features: precision machinery parts processing when the cutting force is big, high cutting temperature; Work hardening is serious; Chemical affinity is big, easy to stick knife; Hard points higher friction effect; Chip handle hard. How to solve the difficult problem of cutting material? Can through the following method: first is the tool that USES the high performance materials; The second is the cutting tool geometry parameter and cutting dosage was optimized; The third is the development, choosing the appropriate cutting fluid; The fourth is the precision machinery parts processing, need to adopt the proper heat treatment process to improve the machinability of materials; The fifth is to use a few auxiliary devices the development of new cutting process, such as heating, freezing, ultrasonic vibration, weak micro electric current and so on. Characteristics of difficult-to-machine materials, usually make cutting of the cutting force increases, cutting temperature, tool life, the probability of tool breakage increases, sometimes worsen precision machinery parts processing surface, chip is hard to control, the results in the decrease of machining efficiency and machining quality, limited by cutting tool materials and cutting process, the obtained conclusions for difficult-to-machine materials of high speed machining is not applicable. But from the Angle of the cutting mechanism analysis, the high speed cutting technology is introduced into difficult machining material field is feasible. The above information from shenzhen precision machining manufacturer Xavier company, more products please click on the link to see http://www for details. 瓦乌。 cn/products_content- 1161456. html
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