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How to see the precision parts figure

by:Xavier      2020-07-05
When a company looking for precision machining processing precision parts, the first time will go to basically provide a drawing of the precision parts, so the precision machining company must be the first time back to look at the drawings, half to get a piece of paper, what do you want to know what process, using equipment, what kind of factory can make such parts. In addition, the possible cost probably how many, etc. These is a precision parts processing test the strength of the company. Company after received customer's drawings, first you have to see the dimensions shown on the drawings. Keep in mind that most commonly drawings to finished product size, unless there is special mark is blank drawing. After watching the size and look at the drawings, look at the overall shape of finished parts, what kind of shape is probably. Simple, for example, if the parts are of rotors, will need to use the lathe processing; If the parts need to sweep plane requires the milling machine, planer processing. 。 。 。 。 。 Then look at the drawings other direction view and section enlarged view, pay attention to the presence of accurate size, such as have the accurate size, need to finish. For example, some may be with the other holes with the cylindrical or long time in the friction state, so, you need cylindrical grinding machine for grinding, achieve a good surface roughness. As for which factory can manufacture this parts depends on the processing ability of this unit, some are good at finishing machining unit, some machining unit big strong processing capacity, some machining unit is suitable for batch processing. Finally, we also want to mention, that is, the more is the customer to provide the drawings, must want to see, actually the best precision parts processing company to drawing back to her, even can according to customer requirements, the production of the programme of part drawings. Of course, you will be drawing, that also will look at the picture. This paper addresses: / shownews. asp吗? id = 103
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