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How to reduce the precision machining error to improve accuracy?

by:Xavier      2020-05-24
How to reduce the precision machining error to improve accuracy? In fact in our society today, we are processing industry has been more and more, under this kind of advantage, develop so fast. Any mechanical operation must is inseparable from the use of mechanical parts. In mechanical equipment, there will be some non-standard parts, so these is by machining out, this is too much, channels and industry in the development of more and more widely. And decide the performance of general machinery parts of operation quality and the influence factors for the parts performance, there are two main parts, performance of materials. Second, the precision of mechanical parts and processing quality if parts with excellent material properties, but the processing quality is low. Is a waste of excellent material information and glands. Thus, improve the processing precision of parts is very important. Machining accuracy directly determines the quality of general machinery products, and mechanical products quality, and determines the quality of general machinery products. Therefore, completes the machining is an effective method to improve the quality of products but in the real situation, the result of the limitation of processing equipment, technical level can not meet the high demand, artifacts seriously affected the workpiece machining accuracy but by other methods. Analysis of experimental records, for example, methods of processing equipment can be in a certain extent, the error of homogenization and through the study of the comprehensive use of BeiZhong method can achieve good effect of reduce error of rape. Improve the quality to improve the production capacity of equipment has heavy Yong practical significance. Machine tools of serving for a long time can lead to knives, axes, rail grinding 拫, therefore in the workpiece processing can produce process system set function error mainly has the following kinds. First, the error of spindle this error is mainly caused by dry spindle the long-term use of workpiece in the process of machining error caused by a benchmark, because in the machining process of workpiece, the spindle is used as processing base, so produce a error of spindle rotation error is more serious. Second, treat machining error in machining for rail have the effect of relative position, this error may be caused by machine error or when installation guide not standard. Third, transmission chain error and dynamic components appear to work at the ends of the transmission chain error will cause unstable precision of workpiece, when output processing end this kind of error will be significant. Xavier focus on mechanical processing, clamping fixture for 16 years, has a unique processing technology and the technical level of the cutting, completely according to the figure, provide one-stop service, once by the unique processing technology and the technical level of the cutting won Japanese, American, Singapore, Hong Kong and Taiwan enterprises, etc.
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