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How to judge of a precision machinery parts processing

by:Xavier      2020-05-24
How to judge of a precision machinery parts processing as precision machinery parts processing manufacturer, we must set a clear position, we processed the parts is not just to conform to the drawings, eventually participate in the assembly work. So before processing, we need to communicate with the customer what parts are involved in parts assembly, if the tolerance design is not reasonable, also need to communicate with the customer in a timely manner. Xavier precision machinery processing factory, 16 years of industry experience, let the customer more worry and rest assured. In general, the mechanical parts are the basis of the mechanical equipment related accessories, assembly be complete performance of the mechanical equipment is increased. So for parts specifications and dimensional accuracy are given a certain standard, in ensuring the precision parts processing has a high precision, on the basis of to guarantee its belong to high quality products. Machining accuracy is in mechanical parts processing, for parts size, size, and shape performance of the proposed related accuracy standard. Processing process, in accordance with the drawings design requirements and components continuously, the smaller the error range of values between, the higher the precision parts processing precision. On the other hand, the relative difference, the greater the design drawing indicates mechanical parts machining accuracy is lower. In this case the quality of parts production to seize cannot achieve the relevant technical requirements of drawings, belong to no machine parts, is this kind of parts is strictly forbidden for shipment to the customer and to avoid after assembly affects the whole assembly of the equipment. For processing technology, its main is through the mechanical operation of the power drive and practice process, once appear unstable situation, if the external force conditions often can directly affect the parts processing, resulting in the shape of the processed parts and structural change. The above information is derived from the shenzhen Xavier precision components co. , LTD
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