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How to improve the surface precision of numerical control machining center _cnc processing factory

by:Xavier      2020-04-04
CNC machining center to production and processing a variety of artifacts, able to plan or surface, but also suddenly appeared some confused the problem of people, damage the quality of machined parts, such as surface accuracy is not high is general situation, how to deal with? First, people have to find the surface accuracy is too low, then start again to deal with, Xavier CNC machining center will be under the first to tell everyone: 1, the main parameters of drilling is not scientific, the workpiece surface, the surface is not smooth. 2, cutting tool not sharp tooth surfaces. 3, cutter holder is too long, edge to avoid empty for too long. 4, milling surface, blowing check, oil is not so good. 5, write programs feeding method, As much as possible to consider to go down milling) 。 6, artifacts have marks. Stated that lead to the low surface precision CNC machining center, for this reason, people can adopt the following countermeasures to improve: 1, the main parameters in drilling, dimensional tolerance, capacity, speed than feeding is set to be effective. 2, the cutting tool operator is not regular maintenance, frequent conversion. 3, cutting tool when loading regulation operators as much as possible to clip to short, edge to avoid empty don't have to be too long. 4, in view of the flat knife, R knife, round nose knife incised, than feeding speed is set to be effective. 5, workpiece with marks: root numerical control lathe, cutting tools, feeding method is immediately related. So people to grasp the characteristics of numerical control lathe, with the edge of the marks and the last. Around that is to say about the CNC machining center is the root cause of the low precision of curved surface and improve way is introduced. Common problems also have many, such as the workpiece cutting, problem these against the knife, to handle this problem, the selection of method, to find the reason first, then to find countermeasures can handle.
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