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How to improve the efficiency of precision machinery processing products inspection

by:Xavier      2020-05-24
How to improve the detection efficiency of the high speed precision machining products, high efficiency and high precision is the basic requirement of the future precision machining industry, precision and ultra precision machining technology has become the key technology of modern manufacturing enterprises to improve international competition ability. With the rapid development of machining process automation and the wide application of precision machining for CNC machining center processing precision and the accuracy requirement of the quality testing is increasing day by day. Precision parts processing after testing is the key of the whole manufacturing process, how to improve the detection efficiency, shorten the testing time is more and more become the focus of attention, in the process of precision machining, it is difficult to make timely rework, clamped parts in machine tools, machining process of each working procedure and working step, especially from the rough machining on CNC machine tools, to semi-finishing and finish machining, is coherent and no intermediate process, once the precision machining and found that after the completion of work out is a waste, so the consumption of materials, time and money, is unable to recover. In recent years, CNC machining center on-line inspection technology develops very fast, even become a criterion to measure the level of machining center, online inspection technology will be processed and integrated together, through the probe on the machining center, realize the automatic measurement of machining process, greatly reduces the measuring time, avoid the moving artifacts to machine measurement brought about by the second clamping error, improve the accuracy of the precision parts processing, and extend the service life of cutting tools, are quite important to reduce the rejection rate, etc, is greatly improve the level of machining accuracy and precision machining in economic and effective method. Shenzhen Xavier company is committed to precision parts processing, precision machinery processing, machinery parts processing for 15 years, more information please click the link for http://www. 瓦乌。 cn/dgweb_content- 898679. html
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