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How to identify precision parts processing finished goods quality _ precision parts processing factory

by:Xavier      2020-04-04
In guangdong business process a large number of high precision spare parts, electronic hardware factory is a general company. Every company often have their own manufactured goods quality basic principle, specification of precision parts processing products are generally in high level. High precision components for processing plant. Also with the requirements of customers and shift quality. No specification. So, the people here is to explore how to distinguish the quality of the finished goods? If the anti-theft lock high precision components processing the whole case, from the material is needed to confirm the strength of the zinc alloy material and rust resistance is very poor, the thickness of plating are also prone to melatonin, but its advantage is easy to manufacture high precision component multifarious ways, very is aluminum die casting. Sales market to see more multifarious clamping is will be made by zinc alloy material production, customer shall carefully check. Good steel, compressive strength, low cost, but easy to rust, generally as a lock, the internal structure of unfavorable external decoration design. Precision parts processing aluminum or aluminum alloy profiles, aluminum profile general ( Aviation port) Soft light, material compressive strength is low, but easy to processing. Copper is one of the commonly used locks material, its good physical performance, corrosion resistant performance is good, good processing properties, color beautiful and easy, especially in the copper forging is door locks, such as high precision components processing and decoration design, smooth surface, the relative density of crack, sand. It can be used to confirm, can be used in pure gold or gold plated surface, look elegant, elegant atmosphere, home to increase a lot of colors for you. From the perspective of long-term, high quality materials processing of high precision components shall be of stainless steel plate, is very much as surface material, light weight. Its compressive strength is good, strong corrosion resistance, color will not change. But the stainless steel types varied, the key can be divided into microstructure and ferrite. 430 stainless steel with magnetic, generally called the stainless steel plate, time is long, hard environment will rust, 304 stainless steel plate materials accepted by most of the people at present stage.
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