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How to guarantee the efficiency of nc machining

by:Xavier      2020-07-05

in order to realize automation, nc machining is the liberation of human, improve the work efficiency, and improve the quality of the workpiece precision. So how to guarantee the efficiency of nc machining? By yingtan answer for everybody below:

on the premise of guarantee the machine running smoothly, the shortest time can let the deceleration process method is the best solution to improve the nc machining speed, deceleration and research the most critical problem.

in general have a deceleration before and after two different kinds of acceleration and deceleration deceleration control scheme: interpolation before and after interpolation pre-processing deceleration control before we usually call it deceleration control, control before interpolation after and servo controller motion axis feed speed is generally called after deceleration. Deceleration control algorithm of relative first deceleration is relatively simple, do not need to calculate the deceleration point, but not coaxial servo gain, easy precision influence.

as a result, the current domestic nc machining are generally used before deceleration control technology and deceleration control method can be summed up in the flexible deceleration method and traditional method of acceleration and deceleration, the traditional method has a trapezoidal acceleration and deceleration deceleration deceleration method and index method and other methods; Flexible deceleration method with trigonometric function method, the S curve acceleration and deceleration deceleration method and polynomial deceleration method, etc. Traditional trapezoid and index of deceleration impact due to acceleration mutation that movement stability, flexible due to the acceleration of continuous acceleration and deceleration, pay more attention in the high speed metal processing.

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