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How to ensure to produce qualified precision machining parts

by:Xavier      2020-06-30
Industry after decades of development, China has entered advanced ranks, in such a big situation, the domestic automobile, communication, medical or clocks and watches, mobile phones, computers, and other industries, has a lot of progress and development. Industry where it this way, more must use a thing, that is precision parts. Some industry needs less precision parts, some need is very large, and each industry needs more different, use of course is not the same. In such a big background, the catalytic precision machining, precision parts processing industry. And over the years, with the vigorous development of China's manufacturing, need the precision of parts is very much, so that the rise of precision machinery processing industry. So since there is so much the rise of precision machinery processing enterprises, that there must be more or less there will be some quality problems, today we will talk about how to ensure to produce qualified precision machining parts and components. 1, first of all, from the business units to the business, need each other to provide the precision parts drawings, and then according to the image, study and repeated proofing, this project, the company engineers play a big role, some engineers will see drawings is basically at a glance, while some technicians see drawings have deviation, so the first step is very important, the first step to do is not good, do more vain 2 behind, material, have a saying goes: the quality is good, the material is very important. In general the materials they need to precision machining, generally is stainless steel rod, copper rod, aluminum and so on. This does not need to grasp the good quality, otherwise, production out, form a complete set to the application of the machine, very easy to damage and wear. , of course, some companies to cut costs, choice of materials is also the price is low, so he is the money, but later the problems that arise. Another is used when processing to the cutting oil, and the cutting fluid, the general quality is just a few more. 3, processing equipment, this link is mainly, to buy the numerical control processing equipment, imported equipment for processing of parts in general less deviation, scrap rate is low, productivity is also high. Now today in general, more than Europe and the United States and Japan imported equipment is a good choice. 4, of course, it is a good equipment, and it is a good material for good operation personnel to operate. This of course is a perennial processing precision parts employees to operate best, of course. 5, the last is the quality inspection personnel, each of the parts produced after qc inspecting and testing must be qualified after can be completely through, to do more than is basically a qualified parts out. Followed by transportation, of course, also need to pay attention to, after all, there are some soft material parts to us, if too much compression prone to damage, so this also need to pay attention to. Basically ready to more than five, then produces qualified precision parts don't have any problem. This paper addresses: / shownews. asp吗? id = 33
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