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How high is grinding machine precision machinery spare parts processing precision

by:Xavier      2020-05-01
Precision machinery parts machining accuracy is how high grinding precision grinder processing enterprises, by low costs, obtain surface accuracy of the main technical means, more and more enterprises begin to grinding technology is adopted to improve the precision machinery parts processing. Grinding surface is made of abrasive grinding wheel surface cutting movement score and sliding surface which is formed by the wipe out of the trench. In general, the more per unit area of notch and close more evenly, says lower surface roughness after precision metal processing. As well as the formation process of surface roughness when machining, the formation of the surface roughness of grinding, not only geometric factors, and plastic deformation of metal mesh and surface and other physical factors. For grinding grain of most of the negative rake Angle, cutting edge is not sharp, so most of the abrasive grain after two phase slip brush and plough to begin cutting. And because of the high temperature in the grinding zone, make plastic deformation speed up in order to further improve the surface roughness. In the process of grinding machine processing, caused by the vibration of the grinding wheel unbalance is an important factor affecting the quality of grinding machine processing, on the one hand manifests in caused by the vibration of the grinding wheel cutting amount and the fluctuation of cutting force, this will make the surface vibration of the precision machinery spare parts processed grain, directly make the surface roughness increases, for grinding machine processing, it is a great impact, because of the low surface roughness is the main target of pursuit of grinding, and grinding wheel vibration will also influence the geometric accuracy of precision metal processing, such as the results in the decrease of roundness, flatness, etc; On the other hand is the influence of grinding wheel vibration will force the spindle vibration, it will cause uneven support main shaft bearing, reduce its service life, also can produce vibration force machine, the vibration will not only reduce the life of the grinding machine, and can produce noise pollution. Grinding wheel vibration is caused by many aspects, including the factors of processed parts, such as precision parts hardness uneven or uneven cutting thickness can make the wheel produces vibration, then feedback to the work piece, a phenomenon called 'rerun' error: there is disturbance caused by the error of grinding machine drive system, most of these vibration source inside the grinding machine, and relatively stable, good design and adjust the machine to reduce the influence of the vibration source, thus reducing the error of precision metal processing. The vibration of the grinding wheel has a very important factor is the unbalance of grinding wheel, grinding wheel unbalance includes two parts: the static unbalance and dynamic unbalance of grinding wheel. Static unbalance of grinding wheel grinding wheel static balance instrument to adjust, easy to remove, this is mainly due to the process of grinding wheel rotating at high speed due to grinding machine or the wear of grinding wheel are the cause, because of the imbalance is in constant change, so the balance in the precision parts grinder is in grinding process is very important. The above information is derived from Xavier precision components co. , LTD. , more products please click the link for http://www. 瓦乌。 cn/products- 155089 - 0 - 0. html
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