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How do I select the coarse fine benchmark precision machinery parts processing

by:Xavier      2020-05-11
Precision machinery parts processing how to choose the coarse fine benchmark engaged in precision machining knows that from the start to the processing, it is necessary to choose the right position datum, the locating datum is what? Is used to determine the workpiece for machine tools and tool relative position of the surface. At first the benchmark is not processed, called rough benchmark. In the back of the process used in the locating datum is processed surface, we call it a fine benchmark. Is how to choose which side as a benchmark, precision machinery parts processing process design of a very important question, whether the locating datum selection of reasonable, will directly affect the precision parts processing quality and the complexity of the machine tool fixture structure, but due to different effect essence benchmarks and benchmarking, the choice of the principle is not the same. Benchmark crude selection principles: one is to ensure that each processing surface with sufficient margin, the second is to make sure the size and location of the machined surface is not conform to the requirements of the drawings. Selection of crude benchmark should facilitate parts positioning, clamping and processing, makes every effort to make the jig structure is simple, if you first ensure the workpiece machining surface and not processed surface between the position requirements, should not to processing surface is rough benchmark. In order to guarantee a certain important small and uniform on the surface of the rough machining allowance, should choose the surface for crude benchmark. In order to ensure the important small and uniform on the surface of the rough machining allowance, should choose the surface for crude benchmark, in order to make the multiple precision machining surface of the blank machining allowance is relatively uniform, should choose can make the rough surface to the selected crude benchmark uniform position error of the rough surface is rough benchmark, thick datum should level off, without gate, riser or flash, so that reliable positioning, crude benchmark generally can only be used once, especially the main locating datum, lest produce larger position error. Fine benchmark selection principles: the selected benchmark should facilitate positioning, clamping and processing, to have enough precision. Benchmark unified principle, when the workpiece in a group of pure reference positioning can be convenient to processing surface of most of the rest, should be in the surface processing of each process using the same set of benchmark to locate, so can reduce the tooling design and manufacturing, avoid datum transformation error, improve the productivity. Benchmark superposition principle, precision machinery parts processing surface when the need to ensure the position precision, should choose design reference for the locating datum to locate, with the benchmark unified principle positioning and cannot guarantee the position accuracy of the surface finish, a benchmark superposition principle must be followed, the principle of self conduct benchmark, when some requirements when headroom small and uniform surface finishing process, available as positioning base to locate the processed surface itself, the location accuracy by the first working procedure guarantee.
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