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Household medical equipment into the era of digital life

by:Xavier      2020-11-06
Bower by Chinese medicine and health products import and export chamber of commerce and Shanghai international exhibition co. , LTD. Jointly organized the 'the 11th China international health products exhibition, 2020 Asian natural and nutritional health products show, HNC) 'Will be on June 22, 2020 - 24 in national conference and exhibition center ( Shanghai) To hold. With the advent of the era of Internet of things and 5 g, digital home medical equipment overwhelming, not hardware connection time has come. In the future, home medical equipment will be more intelligent, miniaturization, will pay more attention to user experience, at the same time will also get rid of the daily use of a single function. Before, many families are equipped with a variety of simple medical apparatus and instruments, such as thermometer, blood pressure, blood glucose meter, etc. Now, a device can include blood pressure, ecg, blood glucose, body fat, blood oxygen and so on many parameters measurement, even has GPS online consulting, a variety of functions such as online visits 24 hours a day. With the advent of the era of Internet of things and 5 g, digital home medical equipment overwhelming, not hardware connection time has come. In science and technology, driven by families tuyere intelligent medical apparatus and instruments for development, but with the acceleration of localization of alternative, ten years in China is also the era of digital life quickly. In the future, home medical equipment will be more intelligent, miniaturization, will pay more attention to user experience, at the same time will get rid of the daily use of a single function. Through large data, the application of cloud computing, household medical equipment can also realize data sharing, enables the hospital to timely grasp of the patient's physical condition, patients can also communicate with doctors at any time and place, to adjust their own health care. Meet billions of blue ocean medicine development experienced three stages: the first stage for medical treatment, people get sick after treatment; The second phase of preventive medicine, disease also can prevent; The third stage for health care medicine, not only disease cure, and health care. Home medical equipment includes the three aspects, its market growth opportunities and huge potential for development. Forward-looking industry institute released by the China medical equipment industry competition pattern and analysis of enterprises 'statistics show that in 2018 China the size of the market for medical devices industry reached 500 billion yuan, 525 billion yuan, up 18% from a year earlier, the compound growth rate of 20% from 2013 to 2018. And after 10 years of development, as of 2018, household medical equipment market is now a third of the total market of medical equipment. China association of supplies home medical equipment branch of Xu Yunhe introduction, household medical equipment mainly divided into four categories - — Monitoring the class ( Blood pressure, blood glucose meter, thermometer) , treatment ( TDP therapy apparatus, low frequency therapeutic apparatus, intermediate frequency therapy apparatus, breathing machine, 5 l oxygen generator, etc. ) , physical therapy of traditional Chinese medicine ( Cupping and moxibustion apparatus, scrapping plate, acupuncture needle, etc. ) , the health care class ( Massage, pedicure machine, gear, etc. ) 。 At present, the European and American developed countries have household medical equipment listed as one of the fast growing industry in the next 10 years. By 2030, China will become a high degree of ageing countries in the world, the consumption of medical resources in the elderly is 3 ~ 5 times of the average person, aging will also promote the development of China's medical equipment industry. Only in blood sugar monitoring market, for example, in 2018 China blood glucose monitoring system of the market scale is 8. 5 billion yuan, is expected to reach 102 by 2020. 700 million yuan, is expected to double growth for five years. In addition, Beijing union medical college, according to the survey data in 2018, the Chinese population have 2 with hearing impairment. More than 0. 6 billion, moderately severe hearing impairment population of 67. 2 million people, more than 60 elderly patients with hearing impairment. 1. 3 billion people. Experts believe that China's hearing aid market size will exceed one hundred billion yuan. Not only that, rehabilitation equipment industry is regarded as a 'sunrise industry' in chaoyang, blue ocean market will usher in one hundred billion yuan. By 2023, the rehabilitation medical industry in China will exceed 100 billion yuan. To preempt the domestic medical equipment this cake, localization and in faster alternative, domestic medical equipment will be completed gradually in the next ten years import substitution, in addition to some of the technology products to import, the mainstream of the market will gradually achieve localization, imported medical instruments growth will also be from slow to reverse growth. Countries will increase in medical equipment in the research and development and export support, medical equipment industry will gradually become a leading role in the world of manufacturing in China, the process is hard to predict, but the trend is irreversible. Intelligent household medical equipment will become the mainstream as a niche industry of manufacturing, also faces pressure of industrial upgrading. At present, most enterprises had been moving toward a wearable devices, cloud computing and big data in the direction, toward the direction of the detection of more efficient, more convenient operation. With the development of Internet and the popularity of 5 g, digital life era has come, everyone can real-time monitor the quantitative health indicators, under this big trend, also is expected to appear in five years of large companies billions dollars. Home medical equipment intellectualized, generally reflected in the use of advanced information and communication technologies, such as sensors, triggers, such as biomedical monitor, remote collection of patient data, and automatic diagnosis. Chairs, and beds with sensing system, for example, as long as the person sitting in a chair or lie on the bed, sensing system can display at the moment the body's heart rate, respiration, pulse and other information, all the data at a glance.
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