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Hardware technology of precision parts processing

by:Xavier      2020-07-09

hardware process is also called metal processing, such as milling planer grinding boring, modern increased discharge machining and so on. In addition, die casting, forging and so on is also commonly used processing methods. If pure involving sheet metal, then is common milling, grinding, wire cutting, Discharge category) And heat treatment. So metal processing can be divided into what? Below by our to introduce for everybody:

metal processing can be divided into: automatic lathe processing, CNC machining, CNC lathe machining, five axis lathe processing, can be roughly divided into: metal surface processing, metal processing two classes.

? A, metal surface processing segment can be divided into: metal spray paint processing, electroplating, surface polishing machining, metal corrosion and so on.

1, spray paint processing: hardware factory in the production of bulk metal products are currently used the spray paint processing, hardware to avoid rust by spray paint processing, such as: daily necessities, electrical appliances shell, arts and crafts, etc.

2, electroplating, electroplating and metal processing one of the most common kind of processing technology, through the modern technology of hardware surface plating, ensure product rusts not mildew under long time use, electroplating processing common are: screw, stamping parts, batteries, car parts, trinkets and so on.

3, surface polishing processing, surface polishing processing generally longer used in daily necessities, burr on the surface of a metal products processing, threw sharp edges part into smooth face, so that in the process of use does not cause harm to human body.

2, hardware processing mainly includes: die casting, Die casting and cold pressing and hot pressing) , stamping, casting and solvent casting process.

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