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Hardened steel precision machinery parts processing way of rational choice

by:Xavier      2020-05-20
Hardened steel precision machinery parts processing way of selecting SKD11 hardened steel and die steel, widely used in mould manufacturing of precision machinery parts processing, finish machining method usually used grinding, characteristic is can get higher machining precision, but the processing of high efficiency and high cost. With the development of the cutting tools, coating technology and the emergence of high-speed machine tools, make the dry cutting can be used in precision machining of hardened steel. Compared with grinding machining, dry machining method has the following advantages: strong processing flexibility, easy to guarantee accuracy, dry grinding, cutting machining cost and production efficiency is higher than for the influence of the environment is very small. And grinding of grinding and liquid mixture is easy to pollute the environment, difficult to handle and reuse, and dry cutting of scraps can be recycled. Grinding precision machinery parts processing after finish above milling, and milling machining is not a continuous process of cutting tool vibration caused by impact load can cause precision parts surface roughness is bad. In dry milling SDK11 hardened steel, even with the speed of up to 75 m/s milling, the milling surface roughness can reach 0. 4 micron level, which can achieve in the mould manufacturing precision machinery parts processing requirements. In addition, with the tool wear, the milling surface layer microstructure changed, in the whole process of dry milling, the surface layer of martensite grain size basically remain unchanged, but compared with the base material, cementite particles squeezed a long trend, however, the trend of the size of the particles are smaller. When milling cutter dry milling length up to 50 cm, the surface hardness of precision machinery parts processing after drops greatly, show that SKD11 hardened steel workpiece surface tempering phenomenon has happened. Through the above analysis, we can get the following conclusion: SKD11 when using the grinding of hardened steel, in order to avoid the phenomenon of grinding burn, must choose relatively conservative grinding parameters, but it reduces the production efficiency, if you are using the processing method of the grinding hardening tempering of martensite phenomenon is inevitable, has a negative impact on the service life of the workpiece. Use dry milling machining SKD11 hardened steel can get ideal surface integrity, with the increase of tool wear, milling temperature increases, will lead to lower surface hardness after precision machinery parts processing. Weighing the pros and cons of two kinds of processing methods, found that if the smaller tool grinding blunt standard, milling is more superior than grinding, milling processing on the premise of get a better surface integrity can bring larger material removal rate. The above information is derived from the shenzhen Xavier precision machining manufacturer company, more products please click on the link to see http://www for details. 瓦乌。 cn/products- 155088 - 0 - 0. html
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