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Grinding machining of precision metal processing in guangdong

by:Xavier      2020-05-23
Guangdong precision metal processing considerations of grinding precision machinery processing enterprises in the common grinding machine has plane grinding, internal and external circular grinding, grinding machine with high precision, wide range of USES, applicable to high precision metal processing surface requirements. Machining process to control the grinding cracks, the maximum temperature control of refined parts of change, is the key to prevent the grinding process of grinding crack, control the change of temperature from reducing grinding heat and accelerate grinding heat transfer to tackle. 1. Grinding wheel selection and modification. Has great effect on the hardness of grinding wheel for grinding heat, the greater the hardness of grinding wheel, the porous performance worse, after wear of the friction between the wheel and precision metal processing parts, the grinding heat increase, in grinding thermal conductivity of materials and hollow thin-walled parts difficult to heat dissipation, often need to choose hard lower grinding wheel, also can use binder elastic grinding wheel, for this kind of grinding wheel grinding grain will trace the concession can automatically reduce the cutting depth, avoid to produce too much grinding heat. After the grinding wheel wear, abrasive cutting effect is reduced, the friction intensified, produce a large amount of heat, so attention should be paid to keep the wheel sharp state, in a timely manner, in addition the slotted grinding wheel grinding carburizing and quenching steel, precision metal processing parts by intermittent grinding force, grinding quality is good, can effectively reduce the grinding heat, prevent the formation of grinding crack. 2. Increased linear velocity of the influence of the dosage of grinding, grinding wheel, the unit time cut precision parts on the surface of the grinding grain number increase, chip thickness decreases, and the friction intensified, grinding heat increased significantly, the precision parts surface temperature, increase the possibility of cracks, the workpiece speed increase, although can lead to a chip thickness increase, increase calorific value, but the greater the workpiece speed, cooling conditions, the better, also can lower the temperature of the workpiece surface, so increasing the precision metal processing speed can reduce the grinding cracks. Grinding depth increases, will greatly increase the grinding heat, cause the workpiece table surface temperature, so when the fine grinding, to reduce the grinding depth. 3. Appropriate cooling: due to the grinding cracks is closely related to the precision parts temperature changes, so in place of easy generation grinding cracks, should try to avoid using water-soluble grinding fluid, if the dry grinding method is adopted, turning back to choose shallow grinding, can reduce the grinding crack, but the effect of this method is not very significant, and affect surface roughness, precision metal processing parts recommended mineral oil as grinding fluid, because good lubricating ability can reduce the power consumption of the grinding, thus reducing the generation of grinding heat. The above information is from guangdong, precision metal processing factory Xavier company more product details, please click on the links to view the http://www. 瓦乌。 cn/products_content- 1161459. html
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