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Green manufacturing mechanical processing technology in the basic concepts of the machine processing

by:Xavier      2020-05-07
Green manufacturing mechanical processing technology in machine processing the basic concepts in the motor manufacturing, precision machining company is undoubtedly the most foundation and the core part of the motor mechanical processing outstanding application of new technology and new ideas are beneficial to the quality and benefit goal. Green manufacturing technology is the focus of the current motor mechanical processing technology, and motor manufacturing industry should be the application of green manufacturing technology to pay high attention. Starting from the specific work of motor manufacturing, this study describes the concept of green manufacturing technology, dividing a species of green manufacturing technology, provides the green manufacturing technology applied in the electrical machinery manufacturing and production. ( 1) Green manufacturing mechanical processing technology, the concept of green manufacturing technology first feared a modern concept, green manufacturing technology will make the process of extension, precision machinery processing company from design to marketing, from manufacturing to use the whole process of control, is the specific use in the process of theory of modernization process in mechanical manufacturing. Green manufacturing technology is a way of green manufacturing technology by process optimization and link of the transformation will be the pits and the generation of waste to get better control, and implemented to promote the efficiency of manufacturing. This research for green manufacturing technology is defined as: on the basis of the traditional manufacturing process technology, to achieve the effective integration of resources, energy efficient use of the premise, by reducing the manufacturing cost, reduce the pollution of the environment, in order to promote the modernization and scientific technology application as the way, implement manufacturing and production technology of energy saving, environmental protection. ( 2) Clean technology wood surface there are two main types of high quality pure clean surface technology, respectively is the ion beam assisted plating full figure making technology and new energy-saving surface from swimming. Ion beam assisted deposition technology is usually used in some parts requiring abrasion resistance, make the strength of the electrical equipment and Zhou grinding degree is improved. Precision machining parts surface coating technology since the swimming is a kind of water dispersion system, characterized by good corrosion resistance, in such aspects as instrument of motor and piano parts are widely used. Green manufacturing technology is the development trend of science and technology in machinery production and processing of, is the humanity realizes the sustainable development goal, create a harmonious world in to the foundation. In the information and globalization, under the support of green manufacturing technology has the advantages of efficiency, quality and ring mirror, expected to become more profound and extensive in the future, the application of sustainability. In motor manufacturing, green manufacturing technology has a special value, precision machining parts to new period will be green manufacturing technology more comprehensively applied to machine processing and production in all areas, deepen the green manufacturing technology application level, is green manufacturing technology, the application of frequency make the worry about the potential of green manufacturing technology play a more complete, creating economies, leading technology, environmentally friendly electrical equipment.
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