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Geometric accuracy control precision metal processing technology system

by:Xavier      2020-05-15
Precision hardware processing system geometric accuracy control what is a mechanical processing technology, is on the basis of the technological process, by changing the production of mechanical parts of the relative position, size and shape, making it a method of finished or semi-finished products. Process from the actual conditions of the machining, it is very important role in precision machinery parts processing, usually consists of a number of order process. Mechanical processing factory to do a good job in this link and to effectively implement. Implement good precision machinery parts processing after the first inspection, to avoid fixture, cutting tools, machine tools and so on from the error on the influence of processing error; Secondly by reducing error compensation technology, to reduce problems such as machine tool, cutting tool and fixture wear affect parts machining accuracy. In view of the above error, mechanical processing factory can apply through improved parts materials, the grease and its protection action to improve the accuracy of the machining process, such as operation person must raise their ability to work, to control the occurrence of installation error, well and geometric accuracy of machining process system for regular or irregular inspection, so as to improve the precision machinery parts processing precision. Choose strong material stiffness, by enhancing the rigidity of the parts, to resist residual stress produced in the process of precision machinery parts processing, and to annealing treatment after heat treatment of workpiece prior to control the discharge of residual stress, secondly, want to consider the stress level of components, parts and components material USES a variety of factors, so as to choose reasonable processing methods. Machining process in some high strength mechanical processing by many forces, forces of many forms, when the force exerted on the process system for a long time, can lead to process system to produce slight deformation, this is the forced deformation of the process system, under the influence of stress deformation, tool path and the relative position of fixture and tools will be changed, which has adverse effects on the machining precision of parts. The above information is derived from the metal mechanical processing factory Xavier company.
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