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General precision shaft parts structure characteristics and technical requirements

by:Xavier      2020-07-01
General precision shaft parts according to their structural characteristics can be divided into optical axis, ladder shaft, hollow shaft and special-shaped shaft ( Including crankshaft, half shaft, camshaft, cross shaft and eccentric shaft, spline shaft, etc. ) Four classes. If according to the proportion of length and diameter of the shaft, and can be divided into rigid shaft ( L/d12 and around the axis ( L/d≥12) Two categories. 1. General shaft parts is the structure characteristics of axial parts of revolving parts, its length is larger than the diameter, usually by the outer cylinder, cone, thread, spline, slotting and horizontal holes, grooves and other surface. 2. General technical requirements of shaft parts ( 1) The machining accuracy 1) Dimensional accuracy. The main surface of shaft parts are usually divided into two kinds: one kind is cooperate with the inner ring of the bearing of the cylindrical shaft neck, namely the supporting shaft neck, used to determine the position of the shaft and supporting shaft, dimensional tolerance level the demand is higher, usually for IT5 ~ IT7; Another kind of journal to cooperate with all kinds of transmission parts, namely the coordinate axis neck, slightly lower their level of tolerance, often is IT6 ~ IT9. 2) The shape accuracy. Mainly refers to the surface of the journal, conical surface, the surface of the cone hole, and other important roundness and cylindricity, its error generally should be limited within the scope of the size tolerance; For precision shaft, shall be separately prescribed pattern on its geometry precision. 3) Each location accuracy. Including interior and exterior, important on the surface of the shaft alignment, circular radial runout and end face important axis of verticality and parallelism between the end face, etc. ( 2) The surface roughness. Shaft requirements, the surface roughness of machining surface are generally determine according to the possibility of processing and economy. The surface roughness of the supporting shaft neck often for Ra0. 2 to 1. 6 mm, drive a journal for Ra0. 4 to 3. 2mm。
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