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General axial parts processing technology analysis and locating datum choice

by:Xavier      2020-07-01
1. General axial parts processing technology analysis to the accuracy requirement for high precision parts and components, the rough and finish machining should be separate, to ensure the quality of the parts. Shaft parts processing generally can be divided into three stages: coarse car ( Rough turning cylindrical, drilling central hole, etc. ) , semi finished car ( Semi finished car cylindrical everywhere, steps and practice center hole and secondary surface, etc. ) The coarse and fine grinding ( Coarse and fine grinding cylindrical everywhere) 。 Each stage is bounded roughly divided into heat treatment. 2. General axial parts locating datum choice general axial positioning base level of the parts and components is the most commonly used two center holes. Axial parts because the alignment on the surface of the cylindrical surface, thread and end face verticality is mutual position precision of the axis of major projects, and the design on the surface of the benchmark is the center of the shaft more commonly adopted two center hole positioning can conform to the principle of benchmark superposition; And because most processes are using central hole as positioning base, can maximum limit cylindrical work out more and face, which conform to the principle of unified benchmark. But can't use two center hole as in the following circumstances outside of benchmark: 1) Rough machining cylindrical, in order to improve the rigidity of workpiece, using cylindrical shaft surface for the location of base level, or outside the circle with center holes for positioning base level, namely a clip. 2) When the shaft is hole parts, in the process of machining, as a location on the surface of the base center holes have been lost to drill a hole, for the hole in the center of the hole processing can also be used after as positioning base, craft adopt three methods: (1) when the center hole diameter is small, can be directly to orifice width is not more than 2 mm and pour out the within 60 °, cone instead of center hole. (2) when the shaft with cylindrical holes, can use cone plug, taper of 1:500. When the shaft hole taper is small, the cone plug taper is the same as the workpiece positioning hole taper on both ends. (3) if the shaft hole for the taper hole, when the taper shaft hole is bigger, can be used with cone plug mandrel, hereinafter referred to as cone blocked core shaft. Should pay attention to when using cone plug or blocked core shaft cone, general midway may not replace or remove, until you finish all processing surface, not use to remove the center hole.
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