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General axial parts of material and heat treatment

by:Xavier      2020-07-01
1. General axial precision parts of material ( 1) General axial parts materials commonly used 45 steel, high precision of shaft can choose 40 cr, GCr15 bearing steel, spring steel 65 mn, also can choose ductile cast iron; Of high speed and overloaded axis, choose 20 crmnti, 20 mn2b, 20 cr carburizing steel or 38 crmoal nitrided steel. ( 2) General axial parts blank common round bar and forgings; The shaft of the large shaft or complex using casting. After heating forging blank, can make the metal internal fibre evenly distributed along the surface, high tensile strength, bending strength and torsional strength. 2. General axial parts heat treatment of 1) Before machining, forging blank all needs to arrange the normalizing or annealing treatment, make the inside of the steel grain refinement, eliminate forging stress and reduce the material hardness, improving machinability. 2) Conditioning is generally arranged in the crude before, half fine car after car, in order to obtain good comprehensive mechanical properties. 3) Surface quenching general arrangement before finishing, so we can correct the local deformation caused by quenching. 4) High precision shaft, after partial quenching or coarse grinding, low temperature aging treatment is also required.
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