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From 'to save spare parts enterprises' independent innovation the report feeling

by:Xavier      2020-07-17
, yesterday afternoon, the administrator in watching the news on the net, inadvertently in China automotive news online face to see the 'independent innovation to save spare parts enterprises' the story, don't mean to look closely at the beginning, watched a little bit later, feel the spirit suddenly came up, relief after reading the whole article, the following is the content of the article: 'for the 60th anniversary of the activities of automobile industry, construction should depend on independent brand automobile power become the consensus of the independent brand automobile enterprise. But as cars old man kwang-tzuu Chen said: 'is a tree, automotive spare parts is the root. 'Independent brand cars in order to realize the independent innovation, first condition is to realize the independent innovation of spare parts. Because the parts is the foundation of independent innovation. However, in the early years of the development of auto industry in our country, seem to have ignored parts enterprises, weak, squeezed tied on the indissoluble bond. For a long time, to support the development of parts policy is also rare, components are in the corner, can't reach to the policy of the sun. This year, The General Office of the State Council on strengthening the internal combustion engine industry's opinions on energy conservation and emissions reduction ( Hereinafter referred to as 'opinions') , led by the State Council, many industry cooperation jointly promote the development of internal combustion engine industry, for the development of auto parts enterprises a jolt. For many years, however, did not see the sun of the auto parts industry, such a policy, or too little. In the whole zero cooperation, companies have been in a weak position. Visit parts in the process of the enterprise, almost every independent brand is an 'automobile enterprise squeezing woes,' default payment for goods vehicles, make all kinds of unfair terms are common for most independent brand parts enterprises. Vehicle knows a business enterprise is not strong, not based on oppress local parts enterprises, more is the coordination of both sides on the independent innovation. Of the multinational operation of automobile enterprise to independent brand components into the set all sorts of barriers, into the joint brand is not easy. As the multinational auto parts enterprises in China's market expanding, the independent auto parts companies face a survival situation. Independent brand to achieve product upgrading, however, have a strategic partnership with multinational auto parts enterprises, selection of multinational auto parts products, will be more independent parts enterprises into the corner. For this reason, many auto parts companies, head of the issue: help independent brand auto parts enterprises calls! Save parts enterprises, the first requirement parts enterprises for independent innovation, create better products, create good foundation of auto industry in our country. Auto parts enterprises than any in the automobile industry chain ring are understood 'independent innovation, and stronger to do big' the connotation of the eight words, because they don't do strong, do not do big means the destruction of the enterprise! To this end, a group of independent brand auto parts enterprises for force of company development of independent innovation, have also made some achievements. Won the second prize of national scientific and technological progress such as weichai WP10/12, yuchai engine 6 l engine, independent research and development of ShengRui 8 at the transmission, liaoning fresh air of the high pressure common rail system, etc. However, most independent auto parts enterprises, a poor foundation is weak, cannot put huge r&d funds, even if the money for research and development, tend to be independent components company recently developed new products, immediately cut price of similar products in a multinational company, the independent brand automobile enterprise natural favor of multinational auto parts products. Parts is strong, independent brand automobile ability strong, can talk about car power's dream. We can't look at the independent brand auto parts enterprises to the corner. However, under the absolute market competition mechanism, not can't also can't force the independent brand automobile enterprise must select independent parts enterprise products. This seems to be a blind Angle, but also is a must to get rid of dead Angle. Each weak moments, industries and enterprises have to look to the government, hope the government's role. The author thinks that, save the components, the government can solve parts fundamental problems, establish national research institutes to support the development of parts enterprises, ease of autonomous parts enterprise development fund shortage problem. Help spare parts, hope the government and industry organizations to purify the living conditions of the auto parts industry, let pressure on parts of abnormal pressure small some smaller. Save parts, the author also advise part of automobile enterprise, the independent components to realize independent innovation, strength enhancement, the independent brand cars to achieve independent innovation, will become stronger. The independent brand enterprise can with strong parts enterprises to establish strategic cooperative relations, collaborative innovation, and components company common development! 'After you finish the report, please thank China automotive news network, the author of this article is written very well, hard the author. To tell the truth, the administrator himself have resonance, the company is also a spare parts production enterprises, also gives some parts are supply auto enterprise, here the bitterness, indeed mentioned such as: all kinds of difficult, want to self innovation, money is a big problem. Anyway, hope the country can see our parts enterprises. To give some help.
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