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Four axis nc machining center of attention _cnc nc machine tools factory

by:Xavier      2020-04-05
Believe that a lot of people is not all strange four axis machine CNC production and processing, you grasp what are four axis machine CNC production and processing problems? 1, operation process, good wear the labor protection articles, in accordance with the provisions of lubrication maintenance, examine the lubricating grease of remaining oil. 2, clamp workpiece to handle with care, prevent bumps, broken ambry mesa; When focusing on the workpiece, also should check on nc lathe bearing capacity of the table, no overload operation. 3, numerical control lathe starts, inspection of machine tool spindle, workbench each direction of movement fitness if everything is normal, if there is any abnormal noise, etc. 4, four axis machine CNC production and processing procedures should first check the real and effective, can run, efficacy to clear when using high speed CNC tool matching. Five, four axis CNC machine in the production process should be attention to the sports fitness and production of CNC lathe processing condition if everything is normal, abnormal phenomena. Noise and alert, to standby check processing, mechanical failure again eliminate suitability can production and processing. Processing center, known as CNC, is composed of industrial equipment and numerical control machine tool applied to production and processing complex artifacts like the high efficiency of automation technology of CNC lathe. Machining center is also called computer gongs. Stock CNC machining center knife with automatic tool change function, the workpiece a clip is put after developing process production and processing of CNC lathe. Processing center is the aspect ratio of electromechanical integration products, after the workpiece clamp is installed, nc machine tools can only operate numerical control lathe automatic selection according to different process flow, changing tools, automatic of cutter, automatic change the rotational speed rate of the main shaft bearing, such as cutting speed, sustainable for drilling, boring, milling, reaming, tapping and so on several kinds of process flow, thus greatly reducing the workpiece clamp time, accurate measurement and numerical control lathe adjust time of auxiliary tools such as process, for production and processing way is very complex, high precision of regulation, use five axis machining center of mould manufacturing, in view of the workpiece, the cutting tool can be from beginning to end in a more reasonable drilling case, in some plants, can use a few inches tool to bypass the intervention of the each other, this kind of tool rigidity is good, production machining precision and production efficiency can be promoted. Five axis machining center is a kind of new technology, it not only can carry out multifarious artifacts to professional production and processing of daily tasks, and you can also quickly improve processing efficiency, reduce production process steps. Use CNC machining center by air for action to check the accuracy of the feed motion trajectory. After the program flow type CNC machining center, can install a tool or workpiece, then hold down the air as a key, then the main shaft bearing does not turn, work station in strict accordance with the trajectory from the start, then can find the cutting tool is there will be collisions with workpiece or jig. Under such a thing, however, be sure to make sure with artifacts, can not install tool; Cutting tool when loading, can not artifacts, or it will produce impact. Is generally excellent CNC machining center often graphics display information. When typing the application process, can enable the pattern simulation display information, detailed observation tool trajectory, facilitate inspection tool and the workpiece or jig is there will be impact.
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