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Fixture error on the accuracy of precision machinery parts processing

by:Xavier      2020-05-03
Fixture error influence on precision machinery parts processing precision in the process of precision machinery parts processing, stay fixed mechanical parts need to rely on the fixture. So it is very widely used, it can not only reduce the labor intensity of workshop workers, still can enlarge the using range of machine tools, thus to guarantee the quality of precision machinery parts processing, improve production efficiency. Fixture design is reasonable, and how its use, in a sense is one of the effective ways to ensure the quality of product processing. Error of precision machinery parts processing, in fact, is a reflection of the machining error of integrated system, it not only includes fixture manufacturing error, also including the positioning error of machine tool error, cutting tool, workpiece, etc. As for the composition of the error and error control, study the error of the jig is extremely important. In order to guarantee the quality of products, make the error of precision machinery parts processing control in a reasonable scope, fixture worn to a certain degree has to be repaired or discarded, now it's time to learn about the formation of manufacturing error of machine tool fixture and how to adjust. Fixture manufacturing error is allowed to limit deviation error and shape error, the knife device, feeler, the tolerances of the fixture positioning surface of the limit deviation, comprehensive error of shaft and bushing holes. Fixture wear and tear, we generally adjusted from the following three aspects: 1. Fixture manufacturing error is too big. Where possible, we will do our best to reduce the manufacturing error; 2. Fixture design is not reasonable, need to change the structure of fixture reasonably. 3. Parts size deviation is too small. Where possible, in consultation with design and technology personnel, increase the size of the parts. Mechanical machining error is the comprehensive reflection of the systematic errors. Practical comprehensive error formula for the production practice has a certain reference value. Clamp wear limit deviation distribution should be considered part of the comprehensive factors such as wear resistance, importance and specific issues specific analysis.
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