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Fixture development problems and solutions

by:Xavier      2020-05-31
Fixture development problems and solutions for what is a fixture? In theory, the fixture is a carpenter, fitter, blacksmith, mechanical and electrical tools and other kinds of arts and crafts categories. Fixture of the key purpose is to assist or control the location of the tool. Role in construction of modern science and technology development, the development of the business for the fixture is widely used to create the necessary condition. Under the fixture function object specific location can realize precise and repeatability of copy - Accuracy, repeatability and custom fixture at present stage is the most critical features. From this point of view, the design of fixture based on logic relationship expression, all fields in the national economy has been widely used and promoted. For tooling application of clamp fixture companies used fixture of the key advantage for the same products, while workers in manufacturing technology maturity, fixture can also assist the large variability is low and the defects of less good products, so as to create benefits for the enterprise. But less sample collected for a small amount of the mode of production enterprises, the application of the fixtures but may cause enterprise products expand production cost. Related working personnel should be realized that a party while, segment as a fixture of a large application form, it shall, in the numerical control and automation technology development under the effect of mechanical and quickness, and that's what we studied the key problems. Artificial fixture against mechanical and factory in shenzhen is now running period of taking the existing problems and puts forward the three different starting point of my plan, and to improve its performance to the analysis and comparison, to determine the optimum improving scheme. On artificial fixture at present stage period of practical application, the process of analysis, we can more intuitive summed up the existence and the present artificial fixture for take some of the problem. Question 1 tooling clip fixture mounting plate processing time is much, have a letter arm with a day can't share fixture device. Current, fixture segment have letter of arm with a day means orifice position and the influence of the number of different, cause and corresponding mechanical arm manipulator there was some difference of fixture, fixture with a day in a letter response of fixture mounting plate installation data under the action of fixture mounting plate processing time consuming, and unity fixture can't meet at the same time with arm and day line application letter. Question 2 fixture for time-consuming, low efficiency. Current fixture section to hand down the role of the general steps of operation is: loose screw up, remove without fixture and mount in the fixture, which ensure the screw tight state. In this hand along the operation of the process, if the involved for the installation of large fixture fixture out and period of operation, single suitable operation is unable to complete the whole hand, shenzhen machinery and factory must need to one or more people to help can be learned from this, in hand along the operating effect, artificial fixture for work efficiency is low, at present stage roughly to complete.
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