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Failure analysis of nc machining center

by:Xavier      2020-07-03
Shortly before my company news release, the company has many sets of tianjin on nc machining center imported from Japan, models for VA3 type, technical parameter is the comparison of the present world advanced machine, the purpose of the company has imported many sets of CNC machining center is very simple, which is able to more customers to machining precision parts. Before that most companies give priority to in order to machine tool, now increased by more than one processing center, really can say is to make the company's processing power. So since bought so many sets of CNC machining center, we should know how to use him, actually operating the difficulty of the machining center is not big, the key is likely a few problems in the process of operation or glitches, these small problem if we just pay attention, or prevent, is unlikely to happen, or do you know the existence of these problems, even happened, also know how to solve. First, we need to know the nc machining center is a kind of mechanical equipment and numerical control system of a kind of can processing precision parts of complex automation machine tool equipment, CNC machining center will meet some problems in daily use it in our usual for nc machining center in use process should pay attention to not only maintain good on operating at the same time also need to pay attention to the regulations to operate with reference to the numerical control processing center, do not blindly operation, if because don't understand and blind operation, is likely to lead to have a small problem, became a big problem, even become irreparable. Here we mainly lists for some fault in the normal course of using CNC machining center and nc machining center fault of some simple analysis. 1. CNC machining center encoder pulse counting error alarm. Usually in the LED display shows 6 of this kind of problem, the system frame of PMM showed 305/308 303/304 / alarm, the main cause of the problem is that in the operation of the servo motor serial encoder in do not calculate Numbers or is caused by pulse missing, this kind of phenomenon need to turn it off after open, often alarm will disappear, and if there are still alarm should be replaced immediately feedback motor or cables, but if the alarm disappears also need not too happy, we need to return reference point for numerical control machining center then run other commands to debug, weak PMM308 alarm may be caused by interference, power off and then open. 2. CNC machining center processing center communication serial encoder error alarm. For this kind of problem we should first check the CNC machining center CNC motor encoder amplifier and feedback line connection accuracy or whether there is a disconnect, if the motor feedback line block not in good condition, please as soon as possible to manufacturer warranty, usually in the nc machining encoder of the motor and motor is connected to, it is best not to open it. Most current CNC machining center is divided into vertical CNC machining center and horizontal CNC machining center to two kinds of different products and the use of the function most of faults are similar, only two problems above, there are also a lot of other problems, just to this aspect due to machining center before long, return are familiar with the process, we can slowly to perfect these problems, in the future, of course, if you have questions about this aspect, or unique insights can contact us, to discuss together. This paper addresses: / shownews. asp吗? id = 114
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