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Factors affecting the cutting precision machinery parts processing surface integrity and solution

by:Xavier      2020-05-23
Factors affecting the cutting precision machinery parts processing surface integrity and solution wedm technology used in almost all the machining process of conductive material, it is an important processing precision machinery parts processing method. During its processing, precision parts material, cutting thickness and the coarse, medium and fine different gauge, and some other interference factors, on the change of electric spark discharge and cutting processing a certain impact on the productivity and stability, this requests us to discharge at any time according to the reflected voltage ammeter to timely adjustment of machining parameters, the operator is needed to do this work has the rich experience. Concept of wire-cutting precision machinery parts processing, surface integrity is what? Mainly embodied in the following aspects: surface affected layer is less than or equal to 1. 0 microns; Without electrolysis; The micro crack; Has good surface roughness, such as steel quality precision parts surface roughness is 0. 10 - 0. 14 microns, carbide material precision parts surface roughness is 0. 18 - 0. 22 micron. The factors influencing the precision machinery parts processing surface integrity after have? 1. The energy density is too large, metamorphic layer thicker, a micro crack; 2. A single pulse energy is bigger, rough surface of precision parts, can not meet the requirement of accuracy; 3. Wire electrode material plating on the workpiece; 4. The defect of workpiece materials, such as grain size not divide evenly, grain boundary impurities, such as eye of a needle. 5. Followed by ionic conduction, anion reach the surface of the workpiece, the surface oxidation corrosion, pinhole, micro-crack, carbide precipitation of cobalt binder, precision machinery parts processing surface strength decreased after; To solve above problems, the solution is as follows: 1. Choose good wire electrode and workpiece material; 2. Roughing and finishing with a standard pulse power supply for the first time, this time the speed is preferred, because although no electrolytic pulse power processing effect is ideal, but its processing speed is slower than the standard pulse power 30%; 3. Two finishing with no electrolytic pulse power or micro finish machining pulse power, the surface roughness reaches 0. 1 - 0. 2 microns. With the continuous development of electronic technology and control technology, adaptive control system is now available on the main changes and automatically adjust the influence of interference factors, precision machinery parts processing process always stay at a high productivity and relatively stable state, the adaptive control system that can detect clearance status changes, and can be fixed frequency conversion feeding speed automatically according to the change and the processing parameters such as pulse interval, make wire-cutting processing precision parts are always in a good working condition. The above information from shenzhen precision machinery parts processing manufacturer Xavier company, more products please click on the link to see http://www for details. 瓦乌。 cn/products- 155088 - 0 - 0. html
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