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Equipment requirement for the quality of precision machining

by:Xavier      2020-05-06
Equipment requirement for the quality of precision machining geometry and the surface phase of tile location parameters such as the actual value and ideal values conform which degrees, and the degree of deviation between them in small precision machining is known as the degree of machining error box by the size of the machining error in numerical table said. Army pieces of geometric parameters of the blanket around the geometric shape, size, and three aspects to each other. So the machining accuracy include restrictions on the size branches, size degrees to add: between the surface and its benchmark feet just error does not exceed a certain range, geometry precision machined surface geometric accuracy is used to restrict macroscopic geometric error, such as roundness, e column, flatness, which affects such as position europium Jiang mutual position degrees of used to restrict each other between the processing surface and its benchmark position, such as parallelism, take a straight degree, alignment, etc. Position of the pieces of the axe to represent requirements and allows the use of FuMing, in the same in various for alignment bleaching and finished products of processing method, under the production condition of the processing of a batch of parts due to the processing of color ring, its size, shape, and surface position not absolutely consistent, there is always a certain processing error, this authorization together with your completed, from the full requested under the premise of the tolerance range, to take reasonable small precision machining economy made the machining productivity and economical efficiency. Affect the processing degree between the original error precision machining accuracy, for many are the influence on the process system, resulting in a variety of original error. The original error, part and process structure state of the system itself, the part related to the cutting process, according to the nature of the error precision machining precision can be summarized as the following four aspects: art system of geometric error, son of any error in the system of technology including processing method of original error, machine tool geometric error and error adjusting, tooling and fixture manufacturing error, workpiece clamping error and wear caused by the error of process system. Process system force deformation error caused by system error caused by the thermal deformation. System error and random error. Whether Jian held by people from the error, error can be divided into the trend of the system error and random error is also called the accidental error that the error of size and direction have been mastered, it is system error. System error, and can be divided into constant system error and variable value system error, constant system error value is a constant.
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