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Equipment idle time adjustment device driver integrated scheduling algorithm

by:Xavier      2020-05-06
Equipment idle time adjustment of comprehensive scheduling algorithm for device driver device drivers to confusion degree algorithm without taking into consideration the knot of process time, with equipment for processing of precision machining and its not width process the start time of forming the equipment idle time can be shorten sleep scheduling optimization asked, puts forward the equipment idle time adjustment device driver integrated scheduling algorithm, the algorithm for the idle equipment is not scheduling process with the machining processing in advance, to shorten the equipment idle waiting time, proposed the scheduling workers mutuality of selecting shortest path, not by priority processing working procedure, the path before make it tight sequence processing is complete, as soon as possible to verify the algorithm can effectively shorten the equipment idle waiting time, improve equipment utilization. With the growing market of personalized products, precision machinery processing enterprises more varieties of small batch: products, especially the single product market is getting better and better, the enterprise in order to meet the market demand, more and more pursuit of short time, high efficiency, the need to constantly optimized algorithm, the reasonable use of limited resources, maximize reduce use, improve equipment utilization for complex single product tree structure, adopt the method of processing and assembling at the same time, improve the internal parallel degree, make the production efficiency increases. Integrated scheduling algorithm for the device driver did not consider the end of the process time, precision machining can match the equipment processing under a scheduling process start time, form the equipment idle time, the scheduling process is processed in advance can shorten idle equipment idle time problem, in order to improve the utilization rate of equipment, avoid the formation of free time to avoid the scheduling system in idle equipment frequently find schedulable procedure operation, finally an example is used to compare and analysis the superiority of the algorithm in this paper. , a once a device process, must wait until the process is processed, to processing and other process; Every working procedure must be in all of its tight process is processed or not tight before the process can start on its processing equipment processing; Every working procedure of processing time is known, and has nothing to do with order processing, allow process between waiting, allowed before the arrival of the equipment in the process of idle, final process is processed in time for the product of the total processing time.
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