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Enterprise transformation is imminent

by:Xavier      2020-07-06
Shortly in changzhou changzhou municipal party committee held about small and medium-sized enterprise development seminar, deputy mayor proposed: under the situation of the current economic crisis, to the development of an enterprise to do big, must accumulate experience, timely transformation. Transformation of course is not blind, must be in the early to do some preparation, for example, has data survey, he points out that the current situation, the international economic situation is not very good, must seize opportunities grasped the nettle of small and medium-sized enterprises in changzhou, vigorously promotes the vanguard, turn to dare, dare to struggle, do not be afraid. According to the above points, just think of our company, also is a kind of situation, so a few days before the company's stainless steel bar business has been good, include now also is very good, but why transformation of company general manager also began to do precision machining, precision parts processing? It is conceivable that an enterprise wants to do, do big, do strong, must have certain foresight, since last year companies begin to invest heavily in a lot of money involved in precision machining field, opening New Year's day this year, the company has increased investment in this respect, it is conceivable that company's emphasis on this transition.
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