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Enterprise transformation and upgrading, it is urgent

by:Xavier      2020-07-06
Administrator before also wrote a company is trying to transformation and upgrading, and do a lot of a lot of work, a lot of people at that time estimates will say administrators said after watching the article too exaggeration, but today I want to let everyone see the administrator in a few days ago in 2013, the annual economic figures awards to see a video, video is bigger, I have no hair, I put the content inside copied down, anyway I think after that. You might as well also have a look. Content is as follows: after thirty-five years of reform and opening up, China has become the world's second-largest economy, and the world, in multiple areas and steel production in the world's first, automobile production global world first, the computer, mobile phone production is one of the world's first, small ball-point pen production is as high as 38 billion, the world everyone can more points out five hits, then is not match with the economic giant, in the core technology in our country, often, was on his neck. Car production, the world's first, but the steering gear, engine, transmission, electronic control system and so on four big key components still need to be imported, more than forty percent of the cost of the vehicle production. Computer output by more than seventy-two percent of the world, but the integrated circuit domestic self-sufficiency is less than ten percent. Occurrence of motherboard, northbridge chipsets, CPU, operating system needs a large number of imports. Mobile phone production more than sixty-five percent of the world. But, operating system, camera, mobile phone chips, glass screen almost more from abroad. Ballpoint pen production the world, but they import ninety percent of pen bead core into, eighty percent imported or made of imported equipment. Thus, low yield high profits become true portraiture of the made in China. Computer output of the world's 72. 03%, profits accounted for only 18. 82%. Accounted for 65 of the global mobile phone output. 3%, profits accounted for only 19. 8%. There are a lot of similar industry. These figures make every Chinese companies will be more heavy burden, breakthrough the bottleneck of these techniques is also the future struggle direction of Chinese enterprises. The transformation and upgrading, it is urgent. This is the content of the video about, see the later, I was surprised, even little ball pen, we now also had been production, now it's time we really tried to develop own core technology. Company itself also has a lot of experience, engaged in precision machining industry, has been the basic machine tool equipment is imported from Japan, testing equipment basic is imported. All this money is for foreigners to earn. Address: / Shownews. asp吗? ID=87
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