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Ensure the machining accuracy of theory of special parts

by:Xavier      2020-05-06
Theory of special guarantee in machining process, the machining accuracy of parts. There are many parts we long to than> 20, this kind of parts you for slender shaft, this kind of parts do you usually on line above lathe processing 'in the process of turning, due to its poor rigidity, under the effect of cutting force and cutting heat, the slender shaft is easy to generate bending deformation, thus destroying the tooling and parts of relative motion Qiao sex. Module test fixture make processing of slender shaft of the middle coarse, fine shape, both ends seriously affected parts machining accuracy, a slender shaft bending deformation at the same time, still can cause vibration process system. Affect the roughness of the parts, this paper introduces such a zero of processing methods, improved product quality keyword slender shaft; Cutting force; Bending deformation; Rigidity. 1. Bending deformation of slender shaft is caused by factors through the analysis and research, slender bending deformation caused by the turning of the original main storage: cutting force lead to deformation, the impact of heat, le le sharpen with 匁 though and le cutting tool Angle. Electronic test fixture caused by bending deformation of slender shaft on the lathe turning a slender shaft adopts the traditional clamping method under two kinds of information: way with chuck clamping foot of slender shaft end, the other side with top bearing lathe to jilt frame between top another way foot at both ends of the slender shaft is all made from the top. 2. Turning to use - axial tensile clamp method Clip - Turning a slender shaft clamping on the top of the way, in order to reduce the radial le cutting force influence on the bending deformation of slender shaft, traditionally made with tool rest and the center frame, electronic test fixture is equivalent to on the slender shaft adds a earn, increase the ya of slender shaft stiffness, can effective reduce Fu diameter cutting force of slender shaft impact. Shaft and clamp method is used to turning a slender shaft adopts follow rest and rest, but he is able to increase the stiffness of the workpiece, the cutting force to eliminate diameter: crystal pieces. Through the determination of glycine in biomass samples containing test. Instructions according to the method for determination of the collar in coal can be used to measure the biomass samples of birds, though. Note get point of main operation, main digestion sample temperature control, good at low temperature to palm circumference, avoid sample overflow: Jian get with sufficient digestion time, module test fixture in digestive juices started to get taeniasis, continue heating digestion by 30 ~ 40 minutes, in order to make sure the sample digestion completely, determination of knot to accurate and reliable.
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