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Enhance the efficiency of the precision parts processing method

by:Xavier      2020-07-02
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we introduced with everybody about precision parts processing on how to improve the machining accuracy of nc lathe skills, that today we want to introduce to you some methods to raise efficiency of precision parts processing:

will appear in the process of non-standard equipment parts processing tool wear speed up, poor processing appearance integrity, chip overcoming difficulties, such as the universal question, seriously affect the quality of such data precision parts processing, production cycle and the processing cost.

non-standard equipment parts processing requirements are super lubrication machining surface and high machining accuracy, it needs a knife with a high standard life, cutting tool is already wear and will be processed based on appearance quality is lower than poor. The standard of the diamond tool stature is very high, high speed cutting tool wear is also very slow. And ultra precision cutting, the cutting speed is not the restriction of the cutting tool life, this is different from the general rules of cutting.

non-standard equipment parts processing practice selected cutting speed, often is based on the use of ultra precision machine tool dynamic characteristics and the dynamic characteristics of cutting system selected, the selected vibration minimum speed. Because when the rotating speed minimum surface roughness, processing the highest quality. To obtain high quality of non-standard mechanical processing appearance are standard equipment parts processing primary question. Use good quality, especially the good dynamic characteristics, small vibration of ultra-precision machine tool can use high cutting speed, can travel processing power.

non-standard equipment parts processing parameter selection first contains a point on the cutting tool selection, cutting speed selection and cutting depth and feed speed selection, etc. We know from previous experience in the processing of plastic materials if choose larger rake Angle of cutting tool can be useful when possessed the devolop tumor formation, it is cutting tool rake Angle increases, the cutting force decreases, and the cutting deformation, cutting tool and chip contact length shorten, reduced the constitute the basis of the devolop tumor.

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