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During the nc machining tool of choice

by:Xavier      2020-07-03

the process of nc machining is a very strict and orderly, so for the choice of cutter in nc machining and what kind of principle, how to choose the appropriate tool? Here by us to introduce for everybody:

1. Nc tool selection principle

in general, is the life of the cutter and cutting dosage has a close relationship, therefore when making cutting parameter, cutting tool choice is very important. The knives' service life generally have the lowest and highest points, the former is related to individual working hours, while the latter is related to the process cost.

we are looking at the life of the tool, should according to the complexity of the cutting tool, the manufacturing cost, etc. To make sure. If it is used in machinery operation more complex multiple blade, so should choose the high life, and better reliability.

CNC cutting tools, it is a kind of tool, it is higher than that of ordinary, its demand for the cutting tool not only need good rigidity, strength and accuracy, but also required size stability and good durability.

2。 The numerical control turning with the choice of cutting tool

the numerical control turning with knives, it usually has a lathe tool, pointed tool, and these three kinds of circular arc form tool. When we choose, should be combined with the characteristics of nc machining, to consider, and will give attention to both tool itself, in order to choose the most appropriate.

3。 CNC milling with the choice of cutting tool

for CNC milling cutter are the main requirements: have enough rigidity, and can be very good use. So, we should take these into account, in order to choose the most appropriate.

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