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Drilling and tapping in titanium alloy precision machinery parts processing problems

by:Xavier      2020-05-05
Titanium alloy precision machinery parts processing problems in the drilling and tapping in titanium alloy material has the advantages of light quality, high strength, is an important metal materials, aerospace and other fields is often used to carry out precision machinery parts processing, but this kind of material processing performance is poor, especially in the drilling and tapping efficiency is very low, influence the processing quality and production efficiency. Here are titanium alloy material precision parts need to be aware of in the process of drilling and tapping and solution, simple to describe. First of all, talk about the drilling problems. Therefore, because of the large titanium elastic rebound in precision machinery parts processing, when the drill point contact with the workpiece, the tip and precision parts contact area increases, make point by the axial force increases, the tip is easy to cause the wear and tear, drill into the precision parts after due to radial elastic tightening of titanium alloy and heat conduction performance is poor, bit bigger radial and axial force, ordinary bit easy difficulty in processing, the phenomenon of wear. And high chemical activity, titanium alloy under the high temperature and high pressure precision machinery parts processing, can react with the cutting tool material, form soluble apply, diffusion and stick knives phenomenon, lead to titanium alloy scraps is not easy to rule out, tend to produce bit by biting, the breaking of a rod top phenomenon. Solution is to select special machining titanium alloy high speed steel drill bit, by thickening of the core and minimize the method improve the rigidity of its length. The second is the tapping process. In the process of titanium alloy precision machinery parts processing, will encounter need to tapping, it is often very difficult. Investigate its reason, is mainly due to the low thermal conductivity, the titanium alloy in the process of tapping processing, cutting area to form high temperature, titanium alloy thermal expansion. In addition, the titanium alloy processing, springback after extrusion tap hole wall, even tooth type bread, tap cannot turn, or tap would be broken. Solution: 1. Improve the tap structure forms: used in processing of titanium alloy tap higher rigidity, tap with processed material contact area is lesser, and reduce the paragraphs will cone core tap cutting edge width or use jump thread tap can improve the rigidity and decrease with the contact area of the material processed; 2. Spiral groove there is sharp increase tap degree, reduce the cutting force, avoid tap broken, improve the quality of processing, is advantageous to the chip removal, can make titanium chip along the spiral groove to the workpiece, avoid tap jammed, improve the conditions of precision machinery parts processing, make cooling fluid can more easily into the cutting zone, improve tap cooling and lubrication performance, etc. The above information is derived from the shenzhen precision machinery parts processing factory, the more product details, please click on the links to view the http://www. 瓦乌。 cn/products- 155087 - 195989 - 0. html
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