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Double motor anti-backlash technique in the application of vertical car milling compound machining center

by:Xavier      2020-09-23
Sequence in nuclear power, military industry, aerospace and other fields are widely used. In car milling compound machining machine tool, according to the drive control of machine use the table in a different way. When milling machine tool, the workbench as milling of feed shaft is called C axis, axis C need to have the function of the degree and the feed, can participate in joint processing, general requirement of positioning accuracy and repeat positioning accuracy is higher, requires to eliminate the clearance between the transmission chain. When the machine tool for turning processing, workbench make rotation movement only, not to the position of the rotary control. As the C axis table need to drive torque is small, and as a turning movement rotates to drive torque is bigger. 1, the working principle of the transmission chain and design as a pair of gears in the actual manufacturing process is very difficult to guarantee each tooth of two tooth surface contact at the same time, inevitably exist gaps. But the workbench as C axis when using transmission chain have to eliminate the gap to meet the use requirements. This design USES two Siemens servo motor, through the master - From the control mode control are two servo motors, to achieve the purpose of eliminating transmission clearance, its layout structure as shown in figure 1. Figure 1 C shaft layout 1. Servo motor and reducer, 2. 3 the workbench base. Table 4. Transmission of tooth shape chain, servo motor and reducer 1 through stent on the workbench base 2, through the tooth shape chain 4 reducer output wheel and the base of the input connection, on the bench at the base of the wheel and output table 3 big ring gear meshing, transmission chain, a total of 2 sets, the output of the two transmission chain small gears mesh with the big gear ring of workbench at the same time. 1. 2 C axis anti-backlash principle in the design of the 2 sets of servo motor driver are two big ring gear meshing at the same time, the small gear and work respectively for two of the servo motor, add a pair of equal size, direction of torque, this ensures the two small gear respectively one tooth surface is in contact with the big ring gear tooth surface no clearance, as shown in figure 2, pinion 1 is additive counterclockwise torque, small gear 2 is additive clockwise torque, when the workbench to receive clockwise order after the drive pinion 1 servo motor as the main work is beginning to run, drive the big gear ring 3 counterclockwise rotation, 2 of the servo motor and drive pinion load has been driven rotation. If the workbench counterclockwise, the drive pinion 1 and 2 of the servo motor drive pinion master-slave relationship reversal, servo motor drive pinion 1 load. The anti-backlash system rigidity depends on the size of the additive torque, torque of additive, the greater the system rigidity, the better, usually need to adjust according to actual condition additive torque value. Figure 2 C axis anti-backlash principle in figure 1. Small gear 2. The small gear 3. Big gear ring servo motor encoder and the installation of the workbench center Hyde han circular grating to form closed-loop control, guarantee the accuracy of the workbench. 1. 3 big torque transmission principle of work when the machine tool for rough machining or workbench quick start, workbench need to provide greater torque, the transmission chain cannot provide the workbench to a single motor work in the actual work required torque, at this point, driven electric chance to start automatically, rotate to the same as the active motor, as shown in figure 3, the superposition of two work, providing a larger torque. Figure 3 double motor superposition principle in figure 1. Small gear 2. The small gear 3. Big gear ring 2, application examples in my company produces the CXH5255 x 35/32 ( Beijing satellite) Products, for example: maximum torque of 70 kNm table; Table speed range of 0. 5 ~ 50 r /分钟; Motor for Siemens 1 ph7224, 2 x 55 kW power; The motor rated speed of 700 r/min; Ratio of transmission chain drop I = 73; Main transmission calculation speed as 700/73 = 9. 6 r/min。 A single motor output maximum torque table for T = 9550 * eta/Pm n = 9550 * 55 * 0. 85/9. 6 = 46. 5 kN·m, 46岁。 5×2 = 93 kN·m> 70 kN m. , thus meets the requirement. 3, conclusion double motor anti-backlash technique has simple structure, high transmission efficiency, adapt to the high-speed transmission, and easy in assembly, widely used in large machine tool feed drive system, but the technology is applied to the vertical car milling compound machining center workbench main drive system was still in the stage of exploration at home, with the vertical market demand an increase in the number of car milling compound machining center, the application of this technology will be more and more widely.
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