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Different precision parts with different equipment to processing

by:Xavier      2020-07-15
Different precision parts and components, must choose in accordance with the specification of equipment for processing. Today we will introduce some company's existing machine tool equipment. One could argue the cash on the company's web site equipment is not have introduced? Yes, indeed in/equipment. Asp, but inside the parameters of the writing, is more professional parameters, I today to explain the meaning of these parameters. First of all, you know, our company doing the introduction of Japan's advanced equipment, so the quality of the machine itself is no problem. Company's existing equipment, mainly on the Japanese jin is given priority to, with B - The type 204, B - B - 205 type, and newly introduced 265 type ii, in fact, they are all processing precision parts of the machine, is the precision parts processing different size, 204 is the main processing parts of 20 mm, more than the affirmation is can't do, 205 compared to 204 there is no much difference in the size, mainly on the speed, had the very big enhancement. The newly introduced type 265 is inside this larger machines. He can processing all 8 mm to 26 mm precision parts. Very good. Other companies, and citizen of A20 equipment, testing instruments is also very complete. Starting from the year before, the company began to transition to precision machining, so that the company in the future will also introduce more and better equipment to meet the needs of the broad masses of customers. When the company's website will be updated in a timely manner.
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